Mountains Apuseni-Bihor

The Apuseni Mountains (Munții Apuseni in Romanian) are located in northwestern Romania and are composed of several smaller mountain ranges. The most famous of these are Bihor and Vladeasa. Bihor is known for its karst area, where there is no shortage of giant caves abysses or plunging rivers. There is also the highest mountain of the whole mountain range - Cucurbata Mare 1 849 m above sea level.

The Vladeasa Mountains lie to the north of the Bihor Mountains. The upper parts of the mountain are alpine meadows, the lower parts are forested.  The Vladeasa Mountains form a ridge about 50 km long.

The highest mountain

Cucurbata Mare 1 849 m n. m.

List of major mountain peaks

Vladeasa 1 835 m n .m., Muntele Mare 1 826 m n. m., Muntele Găina 1 486 m n. m. 

Apuseni-Bihor is divided

Bihor, Vladeasa, Gilau, Trascau, Metaliferi, Zarand a Codru Moma

Protected areas

Apuseni National Park

More information

Belongs to the system Romanian Western Carpathians
It is in the countries: Romania
Predominant rocks: shale, limestone, granite, rula

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