Mountains Fagaras

The Fagaras Mountains (Munții Făgărașului in Romanian) are the highest, largest and probably the most famous mountains in Romania. It is the Fagaras Mountains (Romanian: Făgăraş) . It consists of a ridge about 70 kilometres long, stretching from east to west, and for the most part does not fall below 2000 metres above sea level.

It is also the highest mountain in Romania - Moldoveanul 2 544 m above sea level. The mountain range has been shaped by glacial activity, which is why there are several dozen mountain lakes. Unfortunately, the mountain is very popular among tourists and during the summer season it is literally under siege by mountain lovers.

The highest mountain

Moldoveanul 2 544 m

List of major mountain peaks

Negoiu 2 535 m, Viştea Mare 2 527 m, Călţun 2 522 m, Vînătoarea Lui Buteanu 2 506 m, Dara 2 504 m

Fagaras is divided
Protected areas
More information

It's part of the system: South Carpathians
It is in the countries: Romania
Predominant rocks: rula, dolomite, chlorite, sericite

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