Mountains Lotru

The Lotru Mountains (Munții Lotru in Romanian) form a ridge about 50 kilometres long. The highest elevations of the mountain range are alpine meadows and the peaks are largely flat and level. Therefore, the slopes of the mountains are often used by sheep herders. These mountains still resist tourists and are thus ideal for lone travellers.

The highest mountain

Steflesti (rumunsky Șteflești) 2 242 m

List of major mountain peaks

Cristeşti 2 233 m, Balindru 2 207 m, Negovanu 2 135 m, Piatra Alba 2 178 m, Cristesti 2 202 m

Lotru is divided
Protected areas
More information

It's part of the system: South Carpathians
It is in the countries: Romania
Predominant rocks: crystalline schist

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