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The Giant Mountains (Krkonoše in czech) are the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic with the highest mountain Sněžka (1,603 m above sea level). It is situated in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic and there are 15 peaks higher than one thousand metres above sea level (out of the total of 20 in the Czech Republic). The Krkonoše ridge is about 35 km long.

The first use of the name Giant Mountains in maps dates back to the mid-16th century. In the Middle Ages, the Krkonoše were also called the Sudetes, which was a broader mountain range that also included today's Eagle Mountains and Jeseníky Mountains (this name is still sometimes used today). Even earlier, the Giant Mountains were called the Bohemian Forest in Russian chronicles.

The forest belt in the Giant Mountains ends at the 1,200 m altitude limit, beyond which the rhino-forest area begins. The Giant Mountains are mainly made up of crystalline schist and sporadically limestone. On the Czech side, the Labe, Malé Labe, Úpa and Jizerka rivers rise in the Krkonoše.

The highest mountain

Sněžka 1 603 m

List of major mountain peaks

Luční hora 1 555 m, Studniční hora 1 554 m, Vysoké Kolo 1 509 m, Stříbrný hřbet 1 490 m, Violík 1 472 m

Giant Mountains is divided

Krkonošské hřbety; Krkonošské rozsochy; Vrchlabská vrchovina

Protected areas

KRNAP - Krkonoše National Park

More information

It's part of the system: Krkonoše region
It is in the countries: the Czech Republic, Poland
Predominant rocks: granite; shale; limestone

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