About project

The non-profit project was born out of the need of two friends to share their experiences in the mountains. We know that we are not the first or the last to describe treks in the mountains online. But we differ in how we want to do it.


Our goal

1. Create an online hike guide

We want to inspire hikers to make new treks in the mountains. According to the entered treks the user is able to plan his future trek in the mountains.

2. Motivate users to upload their hikes

We are happy to provide space for other users' treks. The project is based on the principle of mutual sharing of information from mountain hikes. We know that inserting one route in a quality that we would accept is 1-2 hours of work. Therefore, we offer similar mountain enthusiasts at least the possibility of banner advertising for the inserted route - more information here.


What makes us different

1. Quality of information

We describe each trek as accurately as possible. Every user of the website gets all the necessary data for planning their trek. We have strict rules when approving treks from other trekkers to ensure consistent quality of trek descriptions - guide to adding a trek.

2. Structured information

The word structured is important to us. Readers can be sure that they will always find the essentials for each hike - the detailed information needed to plan a trek or hike.

3. Advanced hike filtering

The user can find the route they are looking for quickly and easily. Either in the basic categories, on the map, or in a filter with important parameters (country, mountain range/region, difficulty, season, huts, length, elevation).

4. Narrow focus

You will really only find hiking trails, treks and ferrata here. We do not offer guides for cyclists, paddlers, sport climbers, cross-country skiers, runners and in-line athletes. We see the benefit in narrow specialization to provide more accurate trekking information without extra ballast.


Who is for?

1. Active people

With a love for mountains and nature, looking for inspiration for further hiking adventures especially in the mountains.

2. Families with children

We also offer descriptions of mountain treks for families with small children in a stroller or baby carrier. Just select No. 1 in the difficulty filter.

3. Athletes

Inspiration can also be found here for strength-oriented mountain bikers. We have prepared for them multi-day crossings with extreme altitude, glacier or ferrata ascents.

TIP: Filter hikes by country, mountain range and difficulty (more information on difficulty). This will get you to the treks and hikes you want very quickly.

About project