General terms and conditions of the website

1. General provisions

1.1.     These General Terms and Conditions for the use of the website  (hereinafter referred to as „GTC“) govern the rights and obligations of the operator and users when using the operator's services provided through the user interface of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "website").

1.2.     The operator of the website (and its language versions) and the provider of services offered on this website is Karel Souček, ID No.: 757 202 13, Jožky Jabůrkové 694/6, 624 00, Brno, Czech Republic, (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator").

1.3.     By browsing, registering as a new user, otherwise using the site or using any services offered on this site, you agree to the operator's GTC. The T&Cs also govern the rights and obligations of users when using the website and other related legal relationships.

1.4.     Use of the services provided by the operator on the website is possible:
a) browsing the website (unregistered user),
b) by registering on the website and adding your own routes (registered user).
In both cases, the user agrees to the following GTC.

1.5.     All website services are provided free of charge to users.

1.6.     The Operator reserves the right to intervene in the system without prior notice to registered users.


2. Copyright

2.1.     Registered and non-registered users of the Site acknowledge that the content of the Site is protected by copyright and other laws governing the protection of intellectual property. The user is not authorized to reproduce, copy, distribute, sell, transmit, modify, alter or otherwise interfere with the content of the site. The user is not authorized to use the website for commercial purposes, nor is the user authorized to make the content of the website available in any way for such purposes. The user may not use automated processes to collect or otherwise exploit the content of this website.

2.2.     The Registered User acknowledges that by making any of his/her contributions (textual, visual, audiovisual or otherwise) of a copyrightable nature available on the Website, the Registered User grants the Operator a royalty-free, non-exclusive, time and territory unlimited licence to use such contributions for the purposes of promoting and providing the services of the Website or a future mobile application.

2.3.     The Registered User acknowledges that by making any of his/her contributions (textual, visual, audiovisual or otherwise) of a copyrightable nature available on the Website, the Registered User grants the Operator a royalty-free, non-exclusive, time and territory unlimited licence to use such contributions for the purposes of promoting and providing the services of the Website or a future mobile application.

2.4.     The user of the website, who has registered according to Article 3.1 of these Terms and Conditions and has thus created a user account on the website, hereby declares that he/she is the holder of the copyright, both personality and property rights, to the text and image materials provided in the context of his/her mountain treks and ferrata. Should the above declaration by the user not be correct, complete and true, the user shall be fully liable to the actual authors or other rightful copyright holders. If, in connection with the insertion of the description of the trek or ferrata, any unauthorised infringement of the rights of the author(s) of the inscribed trek or ferrata occurs, all liability for such infringement under applicable law, in particular but not exclusively within the meaning of Section 40 et seq. of Act No. 121/2000 Coll., Copyright Act, as amended, shall be borne by the user.

3. User account

3.1.      In order to obtain a user account to enter treks and ferrata, a potential user of the site must register on the website of the operator. When registering, the user will provide his/her name, contact e-mail (login) and password. A confirmation e-mail will then be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user. Once the registration is confirmed via the confirmation link, a user account will be created and made available to the user.

3.2.     If the Operator has a reasonable suspicion that the User has violated or intends to violate the Operator's or other persons' copyrights, the Operator's or other persons' intellectual property rights, or the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the Operator is entitled to suspend the User's access to the User's account, or to cancel the User's account altogether and prevent the User from using the services of the Website.

3.3.     The User is not entitled to any compensation in connection with the cancellation of the User's account. The Operator shall not be liable for any unavailability or non-functionality of the services.

3.4.     The user is obliged to keep all his/her identification data, which he/she uses to log in to the service, especially the username and password, secret, not to disclose them to third parties except the operator and to prevent their misuse. In the event of loss or other threat to the confidentiality of the identification data, the user is obliged to immediately change or modify them, otherwise the actions taken under the respective identification data shall be deemed to be the actions of the user. The Operator shall not be liable for misuse of the identification data.

3.5.     The user is responsible for the consequences of his/her actions related to the use of the services of the website and agrees not to use the services for any activities that are or could be contrary to the laws of the Czech Republic, the rules of use of the services of the operator and its legitimate interests, as well as generally accepted principles of the use of services provided via the Internet. The Operator has the right to terminate or restrict the provision of the services of the Website at any time without any claim from the User (including deletion of the articles posted, cancellation or blocking of the User's account).


4. Inserting contributions

4.1.     The registered user of the website allows the operator to interfere with the content of his/her uploaded treks and ferats, exclusively for the following purposes:

  1. correction of grammatical and stylistic errors,
  2. translation of the texts into English and German (the registered user has no right to request the operator to translate his posts into foreign languages),
  3. informative addition of a trek or ferrata in a new paragraph, without thematic intervention in the user's text,
  4. creating the main name of the hike or ferrata (the name entered by the user will be used as a subtitle),
  5. inserting both internal and external links that are directly related to the described trek or ferrata,
  6. identification of the main photo that the hike or ferrata is accompanied by,
  7. adjusting the marking of the trek or ferrata on the map so that it more accurately follows the marked routes (in case it is recorded inaccurately).

Všechny výše uvedené možnosti úprav obsahu bude provozovatel vykonávat výhradně s cílem udržet vysokou informační kvalitu popisovaných treků a ferrat. Všechny úpravy budou mít formu informačního doplnění a zpřesnění zadaných informací a nikdy nebudou měnit význam textu nebo audiovizuálního obsahu.

4.2.     All of the above-mentioned content editing options will be carried out by the operator solely with the aim of maintaining the high informational quality of the described treks and ferrata. All modifications will take the form of informative additions and clarifications to the information provided and will never change the meaning of the text or audiovisual content.

4.3.     The Operator undertakes not to provide the uploaded contributions to a third party without the author's consent.

4.4.     The operator tries to ensure that the content complies with the rules of outdoor sports and recreational activities resulting from the legislation. However, it strongly disclaims any liability in this respect. Each user of the website is responsible for his/her own actions and, before carrying out any outdoor sport and recreation activity, he/she must, in his/her own interest, familiarise himself/herself with the regime and conditions applicable to the intended activity.


5. Links

5.1.    The content of the Site may contain links that allow the Site user to leave the Site and go to third party sites. The operator is not responsible for the content of these sites and is not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from access to these sites.


6. Personal data protection

The privacy policy is defined in a separate document at the following address:


7. Final provisions

7.1.     The legal relationship between the operator and the user is governed by Czech law.

7.2.     Due to the global nature of the Internet on which the Site is hosted, each user is required to comply with all local laws of the country in which they are located when using the Site, in addition to these GT.

7.3.     If any provision of these GTC is or becomes invalid or ineffective, such invalidity or ineffectiveness shall not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions GTC.

7.4.     The Operator shall take care to preserve copyright or other rights and requests that the User does so as well. In the event that the user discovers an infringement of copyright or other rights, he may notify the operator of his suspicion to his email address

7.5.     The Operator reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service or to change the use or functionality of any of the services provided by the Operator, including any cancellation of the service without compensation.

These GTC will take effect on 5th February 2023.