Guide to adding a new trek

The project is built on the basis of mutual sharing of trekking experiences. We are happy to publish your mountain trek and make it available to other mountain lovers.

What do I need to do to add my trek?

1. Register or log in to your account here.

2. Fill in your trek data here.

a) List basic information: name, length, mountain range, state, starting point, difficulty (just answer the questions).

b) Enter the route into the map and insert min. 4 photos (resolution min. 1920 x 1080).

c) Insert description of the trek, with the possibility of additional information.

Please try to write all texts in such a way that other users will be able to plan their trek according to your specified trek.

3. Activating an embedded trek

Every newly inserted trek is checked by us. We check the quality of the text and photos, correct grammatical and stylistic errors, add information about the mountains or track down interesting things on the trek. After this check, the trek is activated and displayed on the website. The author of the trek is informed about the activation by e-mail.


Why should I register and post my tours


History of treks

Everyone has the occasional nostalgic moment when they want to revisit their trekking history.


Show off to your friends

Send a friend a link to your hikes or a list of hikes so they can try the same route as you.


Language versions

The best tours will be translated into two world languages - English and German. This way your tour will be seen by many more people from all over the world.



In your profile you will see how many people visited your site in a given period.