Sightseeing hike in the valley of the Doubrava river in the Iron Mountains

Mountain range, region / State

/ Czech Republic



16. 09. 2023


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↑ 726 m

↓ 726 m


25.9 km

0 hours


max. 527 m n.m.

min. 277 m n.m.

Tourist map of the Iron Mountains Protected Landscape Area

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 726 m
Dismal metres: 726 m

Useful information

Easy trip through the Iron Mountains around Třemošnice

Starting point

The trip to Železné Hory started with adrenaline right in Kolín at the train station, where I waited 20 minutes for a transfer, only to have to sprint across the whole station because the passenger train to Třemošnice runs from a small local track outside the station.

Okay, I made it in the end. I'm on an overcrowded carriage that is dangerously overheating and threatening to melt the soles of my shoes. I learn that there's a festival in Seč. I finally get off in Třemošnice and the 30 degrees outside suddenly seem beautifully refreshing.

Description of the hike

I head straight to the ruins of Lichnice, where I have breakfast biscuits. I continue across the Stradovský brook and Hedvičino valley to the red trail that runs along the Kaňkovy Hory National Park. To the sound of motocross I reach Běstvina, which I pass through and reach the second valley, this time the beautiful Doubrava River. It's hot, nobody is around, so I can't resist and go for a swim.

The dog looks at me incomprehensively, but does not join me, even though the water is shallow. I don't exactly impress him with my splashing either. But I don't let him spoil my good mood and we set off along the yellow trail back to Třemošnice. I decided that the Doubrava is my favourite river (there is also a beautiful route through the Doubrava valley near Chotěbor).


This is a simple day trip that even older children can easily manage. The route is not entirely suitable for a pram, unless it is in a sports version.

Water availability

For the whole trip I had enough water for about 1,5 liters. However, it is not a problem to buy provisions in Třemošnice or go to a restaurant, it is a dust.

Mountain peaks

On the route I will climb only one peak of the ruins of the castle Lichnice 504 m above sea level. Otherwise, the route leads more along the valley of the Doubrava River.


The route leads through a quiet Czech countryside, without any danger.


I had my own snacks on the trip, but there are several restaurants in Třemošnice where you can eat.

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