Mountains Șureanu

The Sureanu mountain range (Munții Șureanu in Romanian) is a quiet grassy ridge. At lower elevations, deep forests and deserted pastures alternate. There is no continuous mountain ridge, the mountain range is made up of winding spurs that connect to each other. The highest mountain in the range is Varful lui Patru 2 130 m above sea level. From this mountain, the mountain range extends in all directions by side ridges, some of which are up to 50 km long.

Around the mountain are visible the remains of shepherd's huts, which have passed their best years. Unfortunately, a ski resort is beginning to be built between the mountains of Varful lui Patru and Sureanu, which is destroying the peaceful nature of the landscape.  Otherwise, it is a deserted mountain range.

The highest mountain

Varful lui Patru 2 130 m

List of major mountain peaks

Sureanu 2 059 m, Gropsoara 1 901 m, Comarnicel 1 984 m,  Batrina 1 792 m

Șureanu is divided
Protected areas
More information

It's part of the system: South Carpathians
It is in the countries: Romania
Predominant rocks: shale, limestone

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