Trip to Pálava to Děvičky Castle

Mountain range, region / State

/ Czech Republic



18. 02. 2024


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↑ 385 m

↓ 385 m


7.6 km

3 hours


max. 547 m n.m.

min. 327 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 385 m
Dismal metres: 385 m

Useful information

Trip to Děvičky Castle in Pálava

Starting point

Parking lot near the village of Klentnice. Parking is charged 100 CZK per day.

Description of the hike

We arrived at the parking lot near the village of Klentnice a little after lunch and it was already almost full. It was no wonder, the weather was absolutely luxurious for February. And so it was clear that there would be crowds of people on Palava.

From the car park we followed the red tourist trail. It leads the first few dozen meters around the road. Then we turned and entered the forest. The path climbs slightly here. We reached the Soutěska crossroads. The steepest part of the climb starts from here. In places there are wooden sleepers to make the ascent easier. The first views of the surroundings open up at the Strážce rock. The path continues to climb through meadows. We made a detour from the red marker so as not to miss the highest point of Pálava - Děvín. The climb to it is not long and the views are worth it.

After a while we descended sharply back to the red marker. The road continued slightly downhill. Eventually we reached the ruins of Děvičky Castle. Here there were already a lot of people. The views from the castle were again excellent. After a rest we headed back. Below the castle we joined the green hiking trail. This leads along a path cut into the hillside. Soon we entered the forest and came back to the Soutěska crossroads. From there we went back to the car park at Klentnice.


A simple trip in a unique landscape. There is some elevation gain on the route, but even small children can manage the trip. A steeper climb from the Soutěska signpost to Skála Strážce. There are also wooden sleepers to make the ascent easier. Otherwise, you can walk along forest paths or wide roads. Ideal also for dogs.

Water availability

We did not encounter a spring or a well on the trail. The well Pod oborou was without water. It is good to have about 1.5 liters per person with you.

Mountain peaks

From the top of Devin 550 m above sea level is great, undisturbed by anything. In good visibility you can see the nearest Alps.


The route is simple and safe. There is no exposed area. Even the ruins of Děvičky Castle are well protected.


There are no refreshments on the route. Therefore it is necessary to have your own snacks. There is a café in the village of Klentnice.

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