Mountains Doupov Mountains

The Doupov Mountains can be found between the towns of Karlovy Vary and Kadani, on the eastern side of the Ohře River, which separates the Doupov Mountains from the Ore Mountains. They got their name from the town of Doupov, which disappeared in 1953 to make way for the Hradiště military training area.

Thanks to the military area, the area is minimally accessible to tourists and hiking trails run only along its edges. The Doupov Mountains are made up of Tertiary volcanic materials and were formed at the junction of the Podkrušnohorské and Jáchymovské faults. The rivers originating in the Doupovské hory are mainly drained by the Ohře and Liboc rivers.

The highest mountain

Hradiště 934 m above see level

List of major mountain peaks

Pustý zámek 933 m above see level, Javorná 911 m above see level, Větrovec 901 m above see level, Vysoká pláň 890 m above see level, Velká Jehličina 828 m above see level.

Doupov Mountains is divided

Jehličenská hornatina; Hradišťská hornatina; Rohozecká vrchovina

Protected areas

Doupovská pahorkatina Nature Park

More information

It's part of the system: Podkrušnohorská region
It is in the Czech Republic
Predominant rocks: basalt