A short trip to the Kudin Bridge on the Krupa River

Mountain range, region / State

Velebit / Croatia



16. 08. 2019


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↑ 229 m

↓ 228 m


2.4 km

2 hours


max. 256 m n.m.

min. 77 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 229 m
Dismal metres: 228 m

Useful information

A relaxing trip to the Kudin Bridge in Croatia

Starting point

We started our trip to the Krupa River Canyon at the parking lot. There is a road leading to it, which turns off the main road leading to Obrovac. The road ends at the parking lot.

Description of the hike

On the way to the sea we decided to make a short stop and lighten the long journey. We chose a trip to the Krupa river canyon, where one of Croatia's oldest stone bridges is located - Kudin Bridge.

From the parking lot, a stone path leads to the Krupa River canyon. It descends quite steeply to the river. At the end, there are serpentines that make the descent easier. In the canyon we crossed the Kudin Bridge to the other side. We continued on for a few dozen yards until we saw a small stream, so we got our feet wet and freshened up. After a rest, we headed back the same way, which was much more challenging because we had to walk out of the bottom of the canyon to the parking lot. Still, it was a nice change to our otherwise seaside vacation.


The route is very short, but the elevation gain is about 200 metres. This is especially noticeable when climbing out of the river canyon. In the heat you will sweat a lot. Which is a pity, if you refresh yourself by the water beforehand. Otherwise, you walk on a rocky path. Be careful when crossing the bridge, you basically only walk on both sides and on stones

Water availability

There is no water or refreshments on the route. The trail is short, but it is very hot. Therefore, 1.5 litres per person is useful.

Mountain peaks

The route goes into the river valley, it does not go over any peaks.


This is a hassle-free trip. The trail to the valley is steeper, but it is comfortable. You have to be a bit careful when crossing the bridge itself. You are walking on uneven boulders and since most visitors are only wearing sandals, there is a risk of spraining an ankle. Also, beware of the intense heat.


It's a short route, we just needed a small snack by the water.


Kudin Bridge dates back to the turn of the 18th and 19th century and is one of the oldest preserved bridges in Croatia. It crosses the Krupa River with 12 stone arches. This place of the Krupa River is called Deveterac, because there are nine cascading waterfalls here, creating an amazing natural scenery.

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