Mountains Javorníky

The Javorníky Mountains are situated mostly in western Slovakia and to a lesser extent in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic the Javorníky belong to the protected area of the Beskydy Mountains and in Slovakia they belong to the Kysuce Mountains. The flora is dominated by spruce with occasional fir trees.

Due to the proximity of the Slovak border, the Czech territory of the Javorníky Mountains is also occasionally home to carnivores such as the lynx, wolf and bear. The Javorníky are a frequent destination for both summer and winter tourists. Very popular is the ridge hike (both in summer and in winter on cross-country skis) starting in Čadec, which leads along the red trail almost across the entire mountain range.

The highest mountain

Veľký Javorník 1 071 m

List of major mountain peaks

Hričovec 1 059 m, Malý Javorník 1 019 m, Čierne 1 012 m, Frňovské 959 m, Makyta 932 m

Javorníky is divided

Pulčínská hornatina; Ráztocká hornatina

Protected areas

Kysuce Protected Landscape Area

More information

It belongs to the system Slovakia-Moravian Carpathians
It is in the countries: the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic

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