Sightseeing trip to the lookout tower Čubův kopec in Javorníky

Mountain range, region / State

Javorníky / Czech Republic



13. 03. 2022


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↑ 277 m

↓ 277 m


6.6 km

2 hours


max. 720 m n.m.

min. 489 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 277 m
Dismal metres: 277 m

Useful information

A trip from Francova Lhota to the Čubův kopec lookout tower

Starting point

Description of the hike

Originally I was going to leave my car in the parking lot of the store, but then I discovered a small parking lot by the playground. Since it's right on the trip route, I took off from there. I reached the blue hiking trail and left Franca Lhota on a wide dirt road. As we entered the forest, the path started to climb significantly, this is probably the steepest part of the trail. I reached the Střelenský vrch crossroads. The wide path continues along the overgrown ridge. There are alternating passages of steeper and gentler climb. After about 2 kilometres I came to the turn-off to the lookout tower. It is about 50 metres from the main road. Unfortunately, the views from the lookout tower are already partially limited by the overgrown trees. Even so, it is possible to see Mala Fatra, 70 kilometres away. Thanks to the great weather I was lucky.

After a short rest, I returned to the wide forest path and continued along the blue trail. However, after about 1 kilometre I turned left and continued along the dirt road. In this part of the route there are beautiful views of the Javorníky Mountains. Eventually I descended to the village of Francova Lhota and went back to the car.


A very simple and relatively short trip. The whole time you walk along wide forest or dirt paths. The steepest ascent is probably at the entrance to the forest. In the next part there are passages of more moderate and steeper climb. But nothing too demanding. Even children can manage the route, ideal for dogs. A stroller might be able to get through it. The paths are wide.

Water availability

I didn't encounter any springs on the trail. 1 litre of fluids was enough for me. These can be refilled in the village of Francova Lhota.

Mountain peaks

The lookout tower is located on Čubova Hill 720 m above sea level. The views are limited by trees, but you can still see Malá Fatra in good visibility.



Absolutely safe and easy route. All the way along wide forest or dirt paths. Even the lookout tower is in good condition and there are no problems here.


It's good to have some of those bars or snacks for the trip. Especially if you're going with kids. There are shops in Francova Lhota where you can stock up.


The lookout tower on Čubova Hill was built in 1991. Originally there was a wooden tower from the 1940s, which served surveying purposes. Due to the poor condition of the tower, it was dismantled in 2004 and a new tower 18 metres high was built. The observation platform is 15 metres high. Due to its shape, where it narrows with each floor, the last staircase is already quite narrow. At present, the view is already partially obstructed by trees. The tower is freely accessible all year round.

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