Mountains Lavantal Alps

The Lavantal Alps (German: Lavanttaler Alpen), like the neighbouring mountain ranges, consist of several separate mountain groups.The peaks are mostly grassy, with spruce forests on the slopes and in the valleys. The highest mountain, the Zirbitzkogel 2 396 m above sea level, lies in the Seetaler Alpen mountain group, south of the town of Judenburg. In the north of the Levantine Alps are the huge Packalpe, Stubalpe, Gleinalpe and Hochalpe ridges.

In these mountain groups you will quite exceptionally come across hikers. The ridges of these mountains are ideal for winter hiking - skiing and snowshoeing. Another mountain group, the Koralpe, is located on the border of Carinthia and Styria. It has the largest lithium deposit in Europe. The highest mountain, the Grosser Spiekkogel, has taken a toll for its height and there are massive transmitters on its summit.

Lavantal Alps
The highest mountain

Zirbitzkogel 2 369 m above see level

List of major mountain peaks

Wenzelalpe 2 151 m, Ladinger Spitz 2 079 m, Grosser Speikkogel 2 140 m, Speikkogel 1 988 m, Bergkogel 1 612 m

Lavantal Alps is divided

Seetaler Alpen; Saualpe; Koralpe; Packalpe; Stubalpe; Gleinalpe; Hochalpe

Protected areas
More information

It's part of the system: Central Crystalline Alps
It is in the countries Austria, Slovenia
Predominant rocks: shale; rula; mica; quartz

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