Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps have more than 150 mountain ranges and their subdivisions. Of these, the vast majority of Austrian mountain ranges have at least one peak higher than 2,000 m above sea level.

On the website you can find a list of the most visited mountains of the Rakokous Alps, including detailed descriptions of hiking routes in these mountains. For each mountain you will find its description and basic characteristics, tips for hikes, treks and selected huts of the mountain. Since most people are interested in the highest mountains, we present here an overview of the TOP 10 highest Austrian mountains including the highest mountains and selected routes described on our portal:

TOP 10 highest mountains in the Austrian Alps:

1 High Tauras Grossglockner 3 798 m n. m. Hikes in High Tauras
2 Ötztal Alps Wildspitze 3 770 m n. m. Hikes in Ötztal Alps
3 Zillertal Alps Hochfeiler 3 509 m n. m.
4 Lechtal Alps Parseierspitze 3 306 m n. m Hikes in Lechtal Alps
5 Dachstein Hoher Dachstein 2 995 m n. m. Hikes in Dachstein
6 Wetterstein Zugspitze 2 962 m n. m.
7 Berchtesgaden Alps Hochkönig 2 941 m n. m.
8 Low Tauras Hochgolling 2 863 m n. m.
9 Totes Gebirge Grosser Priel 2 515 m n. m. Hikes in Totes Gebirge
10 Ennstal Alps Hochtor 2 369 m n. m. Hikes in Ennstal Alps


List of all major mountain ranges in the Austrian Alps: