Mountains Hochschwab

The Hochschwab is located in Austria in the Federal Republic of Styria. It is a massive massif of white limestone that rises high above the surrounding landscape. The highest mountain, the Hochschwab at 2 277 m above sea level, is located roughly in the middle of the main ridge.

The ridge itself is made up of beautiful alpine meadows that drop steeply into deep valleys. There are hiking trails, sheltered ferrata routes and the mountain is also popular with climbers. Herds of chamois, for which the mountain is also famous, can be seen in the mountains.

The highest mountain

Hochschwab 2 277 m above see level

List of major mountain peaks

Ringkamp 2 153 m, Zagel Kogel 2 255 m, Hochwart 2 210 m, Ebenstein 2 123 m, Brandstein 2 003 m

Hochschwab is divided
Protected areas
More information

Belongs to the system: the Northern Limestone Alps
It is in the countries: Austria
Predominant rocks: limestone