Trek to Krautgartenkogel in the Hochschwab

Mountain range, region / State

Hochschwab / Austria



10. 08. 2023


2 / 5


↑ 876 m

↓ 876 m


9.5 km

6 hours


max. 1988 m n.m.

min. 1246 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 876 m
Dismal metres: 876 m

Useful information

Summer trek to Krautgartenkogel

Starting point

Free car park in the Seeberg Pass above Seewiesen in the south-eastern part of the Hochschwab.

Description of the hike

I had already done this route a few years ago in the winter, so I knew what to expect. I was hoping that my operated knee could handle the route. And I was looking forward to it.

From the parking lot, I joined a marked trail that led me into the woods. Immediately the trail began to climb. After a short passage in a meadow, I continued through the woods again. The climb was not too steep, but I was sweating a bit. After a while the trail flattened out in the forest and traversed under the Seeleiten mountain. The roots and rocks were still wet and a bit slippery. Leaving the forest part, the steepest part of the climb began. But at the same time the climbs started to open up, so it was no problem to stop and enjoy the view of the mountains. Eventually I reached the crest of the mountain.

Here I was greeted by cute cows who were also enjoying the excellent weather. After the ridge I headed east. The trail dropped gently into the saddle, then I continued on with another steeper climb. The views of the Dürrenstein or Ötscher mountains made the journey more pleasant. As did the herd of lazy chamois. I continued to follow the mountain trail until I reached the base of the Krautgartenkogel. Here I disconnected and walked along the mountain meadow to the top of the mountain. The view was beautiful, even the Totes Gebirge, 100 kilometres away, could be seen.

I was still slightly flirting with the idea of extending the trek up to Hohe Weichsel, but in the end common sense won out. I didn't want to overstretch my operated knee too much, plus I had to descend, which was more difficult for me than the ascent. So I headed back the same way. I was in no hurry and enjoyed the mountains. For the descent I used the same route as the ascent. Only at the very end I followed the dirt road to the parking lot at the Seeberg Pass saddle.


A simple alpine trek that leads exclusively along forest trails or mountain meadows. The steeper climbs are more in the forest passage. The altitude is also not too high for the Alps, but good physical fitness is definitely useful. Even sporty children can manage the route. For dogs the route is without problems.

Water availability

I didn't encounter any springs on the trail. There is no shepherd's hut or lodge. It is therefore necessary to have your own water. At least 1.5 litres per person.

Sleeping options

I spent the night in the car in the parking lot of the Seeberg saddle. But it is certainly possible to arrange accommodation nearby.

Mountain peaks

From the top of the Krautgartenkogel there is a beautiful view of the eastern part of the Hochschwab mountain range, the Totes Gebirge, Ötscher, Dürenstein or Hochkar were also visible.


The route is safe, there is no exposed area. In the forest there is a path where wet rocks or roots can slide. There is no problem on the ridge. Except for curious cows. In summer, of course, you have to watch out for possible thunderstorms.


There is no hut on the route, it is necessary to have food with you. Some sweets to replenish your energy will definitely come in handy.


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