Mountains Ennstal Alps

The Ennstal Alps (German: Ennstaler Alpen) are located in the Federal Republic of Styria. It is made up of several separate units. In the north lies the Haller Mauern with the Grosser Pyhrgas 2 244 m above sea level. To the south-east of this mountain range lies the small mountain range Buchensteingruppe with the peak Grosser Buchenstein 2 224 m above sea level. The neighbouring Gesäuse mountain group is separated from the Buchensteingruppe by the Ens river, which gave the entire mountain range its name.

The Gesäuse is one of the most beautiful parts of the entire Northern Limestone Alps. This is one of the reasons why this part has been declared a National Park. The most important peaks are Hochtor 2369 m above sea level and Reichenstein 2 251 m above sea level.  Another part of the Ennstal Alps is the beautiful Eisenerzer Alpen. This is topped in the east by the highest mountain, Eisenerzer Reichenstein 2 165 m above sea level. To the south of this mountain is the last mountain group, the Reiting with Gösseck 2 214 m above sea level.

Ennstal Alps
The highest mountain

Hochtor 2 369 m above see level

List of major mountain peaks

Grosser Ödstein 2 335 m, Reichenstein 2 251 m, Sparafeld 2 247 m, Grosser Pyhrgas 2 244 m,  Lugauer 2 217 m

Ennstal Alps is divided

Haller Mauern; Buchsteingruppe; Gesäuse; Eisenerzer Alpen; Reiting

Protected areas

Gesäuse National Park

More information

Belongs to the system: the Northern Limestone Alps
It is in the countries: Austria
Predominant rocks: limestone

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