Mountains Lechtal Alps

The Lechtal Alps are the highest mountains of the entire Northern Limestone Alps. Due to the Parseierspitze 3,036 m above sea level, it is the only mountain in this range that exceeds 3,000 m. However, it is a very beautiful and minimally visited mountain range, rich in majestic rocky peaks and deep valleys.

They are separated from the northern Allgäuer Alps by the long Lechtal valley, which is also home to the National Park. The only major tourist resort of St. Annton am Arlberg is located in the westernmost Valluga mountain group.

Lechtal Alps
The highest mountain

Parseierspitze 3 036 m above see level

List of major mountain peaks

Dawinkopf 2 970 m, Gatschkopf 2 947 m, Bocksgartenspitze 2 939 m, Holzgauer Wetterspitze 2 898 m, Valluga 2 808 m

Lechtal Alps is divided

Valluga; Hauptkamm; Heiterwand; Fellreischein

Protected areas

Naturpark Tiroler Lech

More information

Belongs to the system: the Northern Limestone Alps
It is in the countries: Austria
Predominant rocks: limestone; dolomite