Mountains Mürzsteger Alps

The Mürzsteger Alps (German: Mürzsteger Alpen) are located in Austria in the federal states of Lower Austria and Styria and belong to the Northern Limestone Alps. They consist of three main mountain groups. The highest part of this mountain range belongs to the plateau of the Veitsch Alpe - Hohe Veitsch 1981 m.

The second highest mountain of the Mürzsteger Alps, Windberg 1 903 m above sea level, is located in the Schneeberg group. The last mountain group is the Göllergruppe with the highest mountain Göller 1 766 m above sea level. With its grassy massifs, the Mürzsteger Alps are reminiscent of the Slovak Low Tatras and Mala Fatra.

Mürzsteger Alps
The highest mountain

Hohe Veitsch 1 981 m above see level

List of major mountain peaks

Windberg 1 903 m, Göller 1 766 m, Gippel 1 669 m, Schönhaltereck 1 860 m, Ameissbichl 1 828 m

Mürzsteger Alps is divided

Veitschalpe; Schneealpe; Göllergruppe

Protected areas
More information

Belongs to the system: the Northern Limestone Alps
It is in the countries: Austria
Predominant rocks: limestone

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