Crossing the Grosser Wildkamm

Mountain range, region / State

Mürzsteger Alps / Austria



08. 10. 2022


2 / 5


↑ 853 m

↓ 854 m


10.3 km

6 hours


max. 1829 m n.m.

min. 1226 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 853 m
Dismal metres: 854 m

Useful information

Ascent of the Großer Wildkam in the Mürzsteger Alps

Starting point

The Niederalp Pass road saddle, located north of the Hohe Veitsch massif. A road through the pass connects the towns of Mürsteg and Seewiesen. A hiking trail starts at the saddle.

Description of the hike

From the saddle of Niederalpl Pass we set off along the marked trail. It leads through the forest and right from the road it starts to climb. Soon the first views of the surrounding mountains open up. We were lucky to have a wonderful autumn inversion. After the forest climb we found ourselves in the beautiful meadows near the Sohlenalm shepherd's hut. From there, we got our first views of the neighbouring Hochschwab mountains. At the shepherd's hut we left the marked trail and started to climb up the Klein Wildkamm ridge on the beaten track. At first the trail is indistinct, but soon we were climbing on a classic mountain trail. This part of the trail is probably the most physically demanding, the climb is a bit steeper in places. Soon we left the forest and continued along the trail through the dense slash and burn. At the same time, beautiful views of the surrounding mountains opened up. The trail continues to climb to the summit and still among the slash and burn. Thus we crossed the summit of Klein Wildkamm, descended slightly into the saddle and began the ascent to Großer Wildkamm. The climb is short and we were soon at the top. Here we had a good rest and enjoyed the views of the surrounding area. In addition, we agreed that continuing up Hohe Veitsch would be challenging, especially for the smaller members of our expedition. Even so, the Großser Wildkamm offers great views.

So we started to descend to the saddle below the massif of Hohe Veitsch. This part of the route is the most technically demanding. Although you are still walking on the trail, the ridge is a bit more airy in places. In addition, it is also rocky, so you sometimes need to use your hands to cross smaller rocks. But it is nothing difficult, rather it is a diversification of the descent. Eventually we reached the saddle where we joined the red marker. After that we started to descend and come back. All the time there are beautiful views of the Hochschwab. The trail is very pleasant and goes under the Gr. Wildkamm. Eventually we reached the Sohlenalm shepherd's hut and followed the trail back to the car in the road saddle.


A very beautiful trek, during which you will enjoy the mountains with everything. The trail is both on marked paths and off the mark. The actual crossing of the ridge is on a beaten track, but without a sign. The climb is steeper in places, especially from the Sohlenalm shepherd's hut. On the other hand, the descent from Gr. Wildkamm to the saddle is along a sharp ridge. It is necessary to use your hands. In places the path is slightly airy. However, even small and medium-sized children have managed the route, so it is not that difficult.

Water availability

We came across the springs above the Sohlenalm shepherd's hut. Then on the way back under the Grosser Wildkamm. With ourselves we had 1,5 litres per person.

Sleeping options

After arriving in the evening, we spent the night in a tent on a forest road. It turned off the road about half a kilometer before the road saddle.

Mountain peaks

The route leads over the peaks Klein Wildkamm 1 757 m above sea level and Grosser Wildkamm 1 874 m above sea level.  The views are beautiful of the Mürzsteger Alps as well as the Hochschwab, Schneealpe and more.


The crossing of the Großer Wildkamm ridge is slightly challenging. There is a clear trail, but in places the path is in rocky terrain. It is necessary to use your hands for a more secure step. In addition, the trail is slightly airy in places, especially on the eastern side the ridge drops perpendicularly down. However, there is definitely no problem to walk the ridge, it is a great experience. The rest of the route is classic trail or road.


We didn't come across any huts on the route. It is necessary to have your own food. The restaurant is in the road saddle of Niederalpl Pass.

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