Mountains Karavanke

The Karavanke mountain range lies on the border of Austria and Slovenia and is also the longest mountain range in Slovenia. The main ridge of the mountain is over 100 km long. It is one of the longest continuous ridges in the entire Alps.

The whole mountain range is divided into 3 groups - Westkarawanken, Mittelkarawanken, here the highest peak of the mountain range Hochstuhl 2 237 m above sea level and Ostkarawanken, dominated by the distinctive peak Koschutnik Turm. In the mountains it is possible to trek and there are beautiful sheltered paths.

The highest mountain

Hochstuhl 2 237 m above see level

List of major mountain peaks

Koschutnik Turm 2 136 m, Kepa 2 143 m, Kordeževa glava 2 126 m, Olševa 1 929 m., Golica 1 835 m

Karavanke is divided

Westkarawanken; Mittlekarawanken; Ostkarawanken

Protected areas
More information

It's part of the system: Southern Limestone Alps
It is in the countries: Austria, Slovenia
Prevalent rocks: limestone