Two-day trek to Vysokou holi from Červenohorské sedlo

Mountain range, region / State

Hrubý Jeseník / Czech Republic



15. 01. - 16. 01. 2022


1 / 5


↑ 809 m

↓ 809 m


25.9 km

2 days


max. 1464 m n.m.

min. 1002 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 809 m
Dismal metres: 809 m

Useful information

Crossing part of the Jeseníky ridge around Praděd

Starting point

Parking lot in Červenohorské sedlo on the road connecting Šumperk and Jeseník. The parking fee costs 200 CZK.

Description of the hike

1. day

We arrived at the parking lot in the saddle after 9am and it was filling up very quickly. We didn't wait for anything and started up the mountain. We chose the red trail to go below Praděd, where we hoped there would be fewer hikers/runners. Which was basically confirmed. So from the saddle we crossed the red trail over two slopes and rounded the mountain Velký Klínovec. At first we walked on a wide road, later on a forest path. We continued our ascent to Výrovka. In some places the views towards Keprník were already opening up. At Výrovka we took a short break and then descended a bit steeply to the saddle. From there we ascended to Malý Jezerník and then followed probably the longest ascent. We were already ascending to the meadows near the Švýcárna hut. Just before the hut we joined a wide road and reached the hut.

There were already plenty of cross-country skiers, but also hikers. We had two beers at the hut and continued to Praděd. This part of the trail is a horror. It is full of people, it has little to do with nature and mountains. That's why we unanimously agreed to skip the climb to Praděd itself and try to arrive at sunset on Vysoká hora. So we suffered the way between Praděd and Ovčárna.

Then we went down the closed slope towards Peter's Stones. Here we were almost alone and the sun began to slowly set. We reached the break of the High Hole mountain and enjoyed a fantastic sunset. The visibility was so good that even Snezka was easily visible. After sunset we headed back and reached the Barborka hut where we spent the night.



2. day

The morning was beautiful again, but the forecast promised a change for the worse. So we didn't wait for anything and went back to Červenohorské sedlo. The morning was almost devoid of people, but even so we forgave ourselves the climb to Praděd. We had all been there several times and there was no reason to go. So we continued back to Švýcárna.

Here we decided to go back this time by a lower, more comfortable route. So we continued on the green trail, which led us along a wide path. At Kamzík we joined the blue trail, which is a shortcut to the otherwise cross-country skiing route. After about 1 km we joined the wide path again and descended comfortably to the saddle. Eventually the bad weather caught up with us, but not until the very end, so we had a great time.



Slightly challenging, but all the more beautiful trek in the winter landscape. There is some climbing on the route, but nothing terrible. We were lucky with the snow conditions. There was quite a bit of snow and it was freezing so we didn't get cold. Plus, part of the trail is rutted from cross country skiers, which made walking easier. The most challenging thing for the psyche was not to perceive the crazy crowds around Praděd and Ovčárna. Otherwise, the trail is perfect for dogs or even bigger kids.

Water availability

We replenished the liquids from our own supplies and from huts on the route - Švýcárna and Barborka. We definitely took 1.5 liters of water with us. And some schnapps.

Sleeping options

There are several possibilities of accommodation in cottages around Praděd. We stayed at the Barborka cottage.

Mountain peaks

We deliberately missed Praděd and enjoyed the sunset on Vysoké Hole 1 465 m above sea level.On the way we climbed Výrovka 1 167 m above sea level and Malý Jezerník 1 208 m above sea level.


The route is perfectly safe. Even with more snow, there is no exposed section where avalanches would be a threat. The trails are well marked, there are also pole markings.


Refreshments are available at the Švýcárna or at the chalets under Pradědem, e.g. Ovčárna or Kurzovní chata. At lunchtime it is crowded everywhere.

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