Trek to the crater rim of the Vesuvius volcano near Naples

Mountain range, region / State

/ Italy



15. 04. 2017


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↑ 187 m

↓ 187 m


3.0 km

2 hours


max. 1160 m n.m.

min. 997 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 187 m
Dismal metres: 187 m

A very easy climb up the Vesuvius volcano above Naples

Starting point

The route starts at the parking lot at the entrance to the Vesuvius National Park at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. Entrance to the National Park is 10 Euros, and there is also a fee for parking. The return bus from Ercolano costs 20 Euros per person, including entrance to the National Park.

Description of the hike

From the car park there is an ascent through four serpentines along a wide path. After that, there is a gentler climb without turning off directly to the edge of the Vesuvius crater. The dusty rocky path (photo) to the crater rim is 3 to 4 metres wide. If you want to reach the top of the volcano (1 281 m above sea level), you have to turn eastwards right at the edge of the crater by the refreshment station and climb another 140 metres to the top. There is still a fairly wide path along the rim of the crater with many viewpoints, benches and bistros.

You can expect crowds of tourists. This is a very popular tourist location, so you will not be alone. On the other hand, it has the advantage of great bus accessibility and good amenities (refreshments and toilets).


This hiking trail is suitable for all ages, even for people without athletic condition or toddlers (the trek can be done with a baby carrier or carrying a small child in your arms - personally tested). In total, you will only climb 187 vertical metres with the aid of several refreshment stations along the route. There is a narrower rocky path to the very top of the volcano where a stroller would not be suitable.

Water availability

You don't have to worry about water on this trek, just bring money. There are several kiosks with refreshments and seating at the parking lot as well as at the summit around the crater.

Mountain peaks

When climbing Vesuvius, the peaks of Cognoli di Trocchia 961 m above sea level, Cognoli di S. Anastasia 1 086 m above sea level, Punta Nasone 1 131 m above sea level can be seen to the north. Cognoli di Ottaviano 1 112 m above sea level.


There are several kiosks along the way where you can buy refreshments.


The described route to Vesuvius is the easiest way to reach the top of the volcano. Therefore, you will meet a lot of tourists here. You can also reach the summit from the eastern side by several other routes, always from lower elevations than this trek.

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