Trek to Velký Rozsutec via Jánošík's holes

Mountain range, region / State

Malá Fatra / Slovakia



13. 08. 2022


3 / 5


↑ 1473 m

↓ 1474 m


18.5 km

7 hours


max. 1593 m n.m.

min. 570 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 1473 m
Dismal metres: 1474 m

Climb to Velký Rozsutec in Malá Fatra

Starting point

Parking in the village of Biely Potok -Terchová near the restaurant. A short walk from the entrance to the Janosik holes.

Description of the hike

We drove our car to the parking lot in Terchová - Biely Potok and went through the gorges along the trail of Janosikove Diery. The trail was full of ladders and waterfalls, but nothing unmanageable. We started quite late, only around 12 o'clock, which was good, because there were no more people and we didn't have to wait in queues, as it happens in the Slovak Paradise. The route dropped us off at the signpost Pod Tanečnicou. When we were so high up and saw the beauty of the mountains in front of us, we decided to climb Malý Rozsutec. The climb is slightly difficult, a chain is stretched just below the top for safety.

Well, when we saw from Malý Rozsutec to the peak of Velký Rozsutec the choice of the next route was clear. And so we started the next climb. After a proper huffing and puffing we were rewarded with a beautiful view from the top of Velký Rozsutec. Suddenly, Malý Rozsutec was really small. We had the world at our feet. All happy, we then started a hasty descent to make light of it. The descent from Rozsutec is very steep, again protected by crampons in places. In the end, it worked out just right. At the parking lot we had lemonade as a reward and headed home.


Slightly challenging but beautiful trip. There is a bit of a chained path to the Little Rotzsutec, but it is not technically demanding. The same as the descent from Velky Rozsutec to the saddle. The passage through the Janosik holes is often on footbridges and ladders.

Water availability

There is not much possibility to refill water on the trail, the spring is in the saddle below Velký Rozsutec. Refreshments are available in the village of Štefanová. It is good to have at least 1.5 litres of water with you.

Sleeping options

In the Malá Fatra National Park it is forbidden to sleep in the wild. There is a large number of accommodation facilities in the villages in the surroundings. There are many guesthouses and hotels.

Mountain peaks

The route leads over the peaks of Malý Rozsutec 1 344 m above sea level and Velký Rozsutec 1 610 m above sea level. The views are not only of Mala Fatra, but in good weather almost all the main mountains of Slovenia, including the Low and High Tatras.



There are ladders over the Janošik holes and a chain at the ascent to Malý Rozsutec, but it is not dangerous. The whole time you walk on mountain trails.


We carried our supplies with us. Refreshments are available in the village of Štefanová and of course in the village of Biely Potok, where there is a parking lot.


The hiking route Medziholie saddle - Veľký Rozsutec - Medzirozsutec saddle is closed annually from 1.3. to 15.6. for nature protection reasons.

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