A trip from Dolní Morava to Mount Klepac

Mountain range, region / State

Králický Sněžník / Czech Republic



13. 08. 2021


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↑ 285 m

↓ 285 m


4.3 km

3 hours


max. 1144 m n.m.

min. 863 m n.m.

Tourist map of the surroundings of Dolní Morava

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 285 m
Dismal metres: 285 m

Useful information

  1. Overcrowding - medium
  2. Suitable for children - YES
  3. Suitable for dogs - YES
  4. The lookout tower is still closed in 2021

Useful information

  1. Overcrowding - medium
  2. Suitable for children - YES
  3. Suitable for dogs - YES
  4. The lookout tower is still closed in 2021

Mount Klepac, a pleasant diversification in the surroundings of Dolní Morava

Starting point

Small parking Pod Klepáčem. It is located above Horní Morava, but the road leads here from the turn-off from the road 312 leading to Králíky. It is forbidden to drive to the car park from Dolní Morava.

Description of the hike

I arrived at the Pod Klepáčem parking lot a little before lunch and it was almost full. So I had to park on the forest road. There is a red sign leading from the parking lot, but it soon disappears in the woods and bushes. There are a lot of felled trees and the path is not clear. It didn't take long to reach the wide forest road. I followed it to the state border with Poland. The road continues right along the border. It is also finally starting to climb and thanks to that new views open up. The trail still leads through the forest and besides hikers there are also many blueberry pickers. It is true that blueberries are plentiful in the surrounding forests. After about 1.5 kilometres of gradual ascent I reached the top of Mount Klepac.

There is a lookout tower at the top, but it is closed due to its poor condition. Fortunately, the views are still nice, thanks to the stone field towards Poland. You can also see Kralický Sněžník, where a new tower is being built. After a short rest I returned to the parking lot by the same route.


A very simple trip, ideal for families with children. The only unpleasant section is just above the parking lot. It climbs steeply in the woods and, thanks to tree felling, the path is ruined, so there are several paths trodden by hikers leading from the parking lot to the wide forest path. The rest of the route is on wide paths or trails. The climb to the border is gradual, there is no steep section. The route is suitable for children and dogs.

Water availability

There is one spring on the trail, but only a dog tried the water. However, the trip is short and 1.5 litres of liquids per person is enough.

Sleeping options

Accommodation is available in Lower Moravia and its surroundings.

Mountain peaks

The destination of the trip is Mount Klepáč 1,144 m above sea level. From its summit you can see Kralický Sněžník well even without the lookout tower, the views towards Poland are also nice.


The route itself is perfectly safe, there is no technical or exposed section. The tower itself is closed due to its poor technical condition.


The route is short, just a small snack for the journey. In addition, in the summer there are plenty of blueberries growing around the path, which are pleasantly refreshing.


At the top of Mount Klepáč there is a wooden lookout tower of the same name. It was built in 2009 and put into operation in 2010, financed by a Polish investor. It was also intended to serve as a fire-fighting function, with patrols from its platform observing possible fire hazards in the surrounding area. In 2011, the tower was struck by lightning and had to undergo reconstruction. However, the tower is still inaccessible due to its poor technical condition. The lowest steps have been removed to make it impossible to climb the tower.

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