Trip to Šelmberk Castle and around Mladá Vozica

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23. 03. 2024


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↑ 385 m

↓ 385 m


14.9 km

4 hours


max. 572 m n.m.

min. 413 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 385 m
Dismal metres: 385 m

Useful information

A trip to see the sights around Mladá Vozica

Starting point

The town of Mladá Vožice, free parking is right on the square.

Description of the hike

I park my car right on the square in Mladá Vozica. The square is a delight - a red and white castle, a restored parish church and a beautiful bell tower - a saltbox with coats of arms. I walk around the church and climb up the streets to the Chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which stands on a hill above the town. According to the information boards, a royal castle stood here until the 15th century, but the Hussites completely destroyed it. In the 17th century, after the death of his wife, the owner of the estate built a chapel with a round dome. The chapel is approached by the Stations of the Cross with small chapels.

From the top I descend to the rock overlooking Vožický View - a viewpoint with a gazebo over the pond and the surrounding hills. I follow the blue and red trail to the lower ponds and then along the Vlašimská Blanica river to Šelmberk Castle. The path leads first along forest paths and then along the now defunct water drive for the Šelmberský mill. It's beautiful here - the Blanice meanders through the valley, fallen trees are covered with moss, in spring carpets of anemones and clumps of marsh marigolds. Šelmberský mill is no longer grinding, but it is perfectly reconstructed and inhabited. A climb up the red trail leads me to Šelmberk Castle. Only the ruins of the castle remain, with a 26 m high tower towering above. The tower is open from April to September, accessible for a fee of 50 CZK, children 30 CZK. Above the door, the family coat of arms - a black pig in a golden field.

On the map I found two more small sights I want to see - the chapel in Ústí nad Labem and the remains of the windmill on Větrák Hill. Between fields and forests I walk through the rolling countryside to the village of Janov with its old but restored church, and then up the bridleway towards Ústějov. The Chapel of the Virgin Mary stands in the hill here. According to legend, it was built by a local farmer on the spot where he had carved a picture of the Virgin Mary in a field. When he gave the picture to his sick daughter, she was relieved and recovered. The chapel is open, so I enter. You can see that it has been cared for, there are lit candles, fresh flowers, a picture of the Virgin Mary and small panels of the Stations of the Cross, a kneeler with prayers. Outside, a hailstorm has started, so I sit on a bench and read about the history of the chapel. Cardinal Beran and other clergymen, interned under the communists in the nearby Radvanovsky Chateau, used to come here to contemplate. There is a bench by the chapel, which offers a nice view of Mladovozhicko. When the hail passes, I climb further up the hill from the chapel and look for the remains of the windmill. Only the round outer walls are left, inside there is a fireplace. From the windmill I walk back to Mladá Vozica along the dirt paths and around Blanica.


A comfortable trip through the undulating landscape of Central Bohemia. The route leads mostly along field and forest paths. The total elevation is not high. The route is ideal for families or as a trip with a dog.

Water availability

Refreshments and shops are in Mladá Vozica.

Mountain peaks

The route leads over several hills, from which you can see the Vlašim and Benešov hills. The best view is of course offered by the castle tower of the ruins of Šelmberk.


The route is not dangerous. It is mostly on dirt roads. Some sections are also momo roads, but on meadows or fields.


There are restaurants and shops in Mladá Vozice. It is good to take some snacks with you.


Lookout tower Kovarka made of stones and blacksmith museum in the nearby village Moraveč
Miličín - Calvary, Blanický lev, bathing quarry
Votice, plague chapel

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