A short trip to the Blatenský vrch lookout tower

Mountain range, region / State

Ore Mountains / Czech Republic



21. 08. 2021


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↑ 152 m

↓ 152 m


3.7 km

2 hours


max. 1043 m n.m.

min. 893 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 152 m
Dismal metres: 152 m

Useful information

Trip to the lookout tower Blatenský vrch via Vlčí jámy

Starting point

Parking lot at the church in the village of Horní Blatná. On the way I found out that it is possible to park on the edge of the village by the tourist sign.

Description of the hike

From the church in Horní Blatná I followed the red tourist trail. Soon I left the village. There is one more place to park on the outskirts of the village. A wide path leads further to the Vlčí jámy, which soon led me into the forest. The ascent is very gentle and basically just after entering the forest the Vlčí jámy begin. The trail goes around them. At the top of the trail it is possible to descend steep steps to the narrowest part of the Vlčí jámy. Even in August there were still remnants of snow here.

From Vlčí jámy the path continues to climb slightly and very soon I reached the Blatenský vrch lookout tower. The ticket is bought in the refreshment shop below the lookout tower. The views were slightly cloudy, but e.g. Klínovec was clearly visible. From the lookout tower I started my return along the yellow trail. It descends straight and slightly steeper. After about half a kilometer I turned left and followed a wide path back to Horní Blatná. The path still goes through the forest for a while, later between meadows and pastures.


A very simple and short trip that is ideal for children or pensioners. The elevation gain is minimal, the paths are wide and safe. The only steep descent is to the Wolf Pits, where you walk down a very steep rocky staircase. The route is also suitable for dogs.

Water availability

Refreshments are right under the Blatenský vrch lookout tower. They have soft drinks, beer and something sharper. I had about 0.5 liters of my own water.

Sleeping options

In the village of Horní Blatná or in the surrounding villages, e.g. Pernink, there are plenty of accommodation options.

Mountain peaks

There is a lookout tower on the top of Blatenský vrch 1 043 m above sea level, thanks to which there are nice views of the Krušné hory.


The route is very simple and safe. The only place to be careful are the steep steps to the bottom of the Vlčí jámy. They are really steep and can be slippery when wet. Otherwise, it's wide paths all the way.


The pubs are in the village of Horní Blatná and the refreshments are directly below the Blatenský vrch lookout tower.


The Vlčí jámy are a remnant of mining in the Middle Ages. It is the former Jiří mine, which collapsed. The walls are about 60 metres high. In some places, the passage is so narrow that snow and ice remain here all year round. This was used, for example, during the Napoleonic Wars, when ice was used to treat wounded soldiers.

The lookout tower Blatenský vrch was built in 1921. The original name was Zita's Lookout in honour of the last Austrian Empress Zita Bourbunsko Parma. Until the 1940s there was a hotel at the lookout tower. It was later demolished due to its poor condition. The tower is 21 metres high and is open all week from May to October, the rest of the year only at weekends.

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