Circuit trek with ferrata around Monte Paterno

Mountain range, region / State

Dolomites in Alps / Italy



14. 09. 2008




↑ 804 m

↓ 804 m


10.8 km

6 hours


max. 2641 m n.m.

min. 2289 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 804 m
Dismal metres: 804 m

High mountain hike with ferrata Innerkofler in the Dolomites

Starting point

Parking at the Rifugio Auronzo hut at the end of the toll road leading from Lago di Misurina.

Description of the hike

We took the opportunity to save some vertical meters and arrived at the parking lot of the Rifugio Auronzo hut by car on the toll road. From the car park we took the wide path (photo) , which led through the attractive surroundings below the Tre Cime towers. We bypassed these towers and climbed up to the Paternsattel saddle. Here we left the wide road and followed the path to the start of the ferrata that leads to Monte Paterno 2 744 m above sea level and further up the massif of this mountain. The very beginning of this ferrata is very attractive, as the first metres lead through a low tunnel from the First World War. (photo) After leaving the adit, the ferrata follows a path cut into the rocks. Occasionally there are remnants of walls and shelters from the war period. We continued along the trail and after a while we found ourselves at a turn leading to the top of Monte Paterno. Due to the large number of people waiting in line to climb the steel cables, we decided to skip the summit and continued on the trail.

It is well secured, there is also a small footbridge over a rock crack. (photo) Eventually the ferrata turned north and began to descend into the valley. (photo) Here was also the end of the sheltered path. We then descended into the valley on the normal mountain trail and joined the path, which took us to the Rifugio Locatelli alle Tre Cime di Lavaredo hut. From here we continued along the wide path back to the Paternsattel saddle, where we joined the path we had taken from the car park that morning. Following the same path we returned to the car so we could once again admire the beautiful rock towers of Tre Cime.


The walking part of the trail is on wide sidewalks and is completely uneventful. There is no more difficult section. Thanks to the high parking area, even the elevation gain is not difficult. The Ferrata Innerkofler around Monte Paterno is also not difficult, it follows the WW1 footpaths. We ended up abandoning the climb to the very top of the mountain, as there were a large number of climbers and we didn't want to wait in line.

Water availability

You can get water at the huts along the way - Rifugio Auronzo, Rifugio Locatelli alle Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Lavaredo Hütte. We had 1.5 litres of water each for this ferrata trek.

Sleeping options

The route can be completed in one day, no overnight stay is necessary. Otherwise, it is possible to sleep at the huts on the route - Lavaredo Hütte, Rifugio Locatelli, Rifugio Auronzo and Rifugio Locatelli alle Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Mountain peaks

From Monte Paterno, 2,744 m above sea level, there are beautiful views of the famous Tre Cime glass towers and the entire Sexten Dolomites.


The hiking part of the route is completely uneventful, following wide roads or trails. On the ferrata it is necessary to follow the safety rules and have the appropriate equipment (ferrata seat, helmet, gloves), but otherwise the ferrata is very safe and easy.


For this trek it is necessary to have complete ferrata equipment - ferrata set with brake and helmet. Also good quality clothing - sturdy boots, functional clothing, including a jacket for rain or wind


The Lavaredo Hütte, Rifugio Locatelli alle Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Rifugio Auronzo offer good food and drink. We ate from our own supplies.


The road to Monte Paterno leads past the famous Tre Cime towers. Climbing these rock giants is only possible for climbers. It is therefore incredible that during the First World War, a cannon was brought to the top of these towers to shell enemy positions. The ferrata around Monte Paterno is a remnant of a World War I trail.

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