Trek with the Scala Menighel ferrata in the Tofana mountain group

Mountain range, region / State

Dolomites in Alps / Italy



10. 08. 2008


B / 5


↑ 1267 m

↓ 1875 m


15.8 km

8 hours


max. 2778 m n.m.

min. 2024 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 1267 m
Dismal metres: 1875 m

Mountain hike around Tofana di Rozes in the Dolomites with a short ferrata

Starting point

Parking in the Passo Falzarego road saddle, which is reached by road from Cortina d'Ampezzo. The trek itself started at the top station of the Lagazuoi cable car.

Description of the hike

We simplified the trek in the beautiful environment of the Tofana mountain group by using the cable car right at the beginning. After arriving at the Passo Falzarego road saddle (photo), we took the cable car and rode up to 2,650 m above sea level. Here is the Rifugio Lagazuoi hut. From there we first went to the scenic peak of Lagazuoi Piccolo. The views from it are really unique. (photo) Then we went back to the Rifugio Lagazuoi hut and followed the marked path towards the Tofan trinity. The path leads along a comfortable mountain trail. At first we descended quite significantly. We found ourselves in a beautiful high mountain valley with the surrounding rock giants towering above us. (photo) We continued along the path to the perpendicular wall. Here the paths diverged. The Ferrata Scala del Menighel traverses the rock step directly on scrambles, the trail bypassed this step. We were ready for the ferrata so we headed straight up the rock. The rock is about 70 meters high and totally perpendicular. There are built in crampons that we used to reach the edge of the rock. The belay is good, but it is a fairly airy section. (photo) Above the rock we joined the trail and climbed up it to the Rifugio Giussani hut. Here we had a beer and rested.

From the hut we continued along the marked trail, which descended in serpentines into the valley. At the first signpost we turned right and started to pass Tofana de Rozes. The path traversed the slope and began to take us comfortably back to the Passo Falzarego saddle. The trail also passes the remains of a WW1 fortification, which was a nice change of pace. (photo) We returned to the saddle without any problems, where we had a well-deserved beer in a pub.


A beautiful hike in the heart of the Tofana mountain group. The only and key point is a rock wall about 70 meters high, in which stupas are built - ferrata Scala del Menighel with difficulty B. This is a very exposed place where belay devices are necessary for the ferrata. However, this section can be avoided by following the normal path. Otherwise, it is a relaxing hike on mountain trails. The route is varied by the remains of fortifications from WW1.

Water availability

Water can be collected at the Falzarego saddle or from the stream before the ferrata. However, it is better to have a supply with you (min. 1.5 litres per person). We then had a refreshment at the Rifugio Giussani hut.

Sleeping options

The trek can be done in one day without any problems. The accommodation is offered by the Rifugio Camillo Giussani, which is situated in a saddle between the Tofana di Rozes and Tofana di Mezzo mountains.

Mountain peaks

From the top of the Lagazuoi mountain 2 778 m above sea level there are amazing views especially of Marmolada 3 343 m above sea level. There are also beautiful views of the mountains Piz Boe 3 152 m above sea level, Civeta, the Tofan group and many others.


The only dangerous place is the ferrata Scala del Menighel. It climbs over a rock wall about 70 metres high. It is a crampon cut into the rock. The place is very airy, but it is well secured. The rest of the trek is along mountain paths where there is no danger.


For this trek, you need to have not only classic mountain clothing - sturdy boots, good quality clothing including a waterproof jacket. Ferrata equipment - ferrata kit and helmet are also necessary.


There are two huts on the route, Rifugio Lagazuoi at the start and Rifugio Giussani about halfway along the route. Both offer an extensive menu. We just had a beer and ate from our own supplies.


Ferrata Scala del Menighel, which is clearly the most difficult part of the route, can be avoided by following the marked path. This way you can walk the route on the classic paths and you don't need ferrata equipment.

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