Trek to the Zelenci National Reserve in the Julian Alps

Mountain range, region / State

Julské Alpy‎ / Slovenia



15. 07. 2023


1 / 5


↑ 23 m

↓ 23 m


2.4 km

1 hours


max. 845 m n.m.

min. 835 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 23 m
Dismal metres: 23 m

Useful information

A short trip to the Zelenci lakes near Kranjska Gora

Starting point

Free parking on the road connecting Rateče and Podkoren, a short distance from Kranjska Gora.

Description of the hike

On our way through Slovenia we made a short stop at the beautiful lake Zelenci. We left the car in the parking lot of a restaurant and followed a forest path to the lakes. In a few minutes we were at them and enjoying the incredible scenery. Clear water and mountain peaks in the background. Following a wooden footbridge, we reached a small wooden lookout tower that offers a general view of the lakes. Since there were signs around the wooden footbridge warning that the local scrubland is inhabited by snakes, among others, we walked dutifully along the footbridge. The view from the lookout is truly breathtaking.

Then we went back to the forest trail. We followed it to the cycle path. We continued on for about 500 metres and then turned onto the path leading to the bridge over the river. Here, there are more beautiful views of the Zelenci National Reserve and the Julian Alps. We continued towards the state road and followed the trail along the road back to the parking lot.


A relaxing trail that leads to a beautiful lake. All the way along the wide paths or the cycle path. The elevation on the trail is zero, so even the smallest children can manage it. The only climb is up the stairs to a small lookout tower :-)

Water availability

The route is very short, just 0.5 litres per person. There is also a pub by the parking lot, another refreshment was on the cycle path at the turn to the bridge over the Sava Dolinka river.

Mountain peaks

The route goes around the Sava Dolinka River, there is no peak on the way. However, the views of the northern part of the Julian Alps are great.


This is a perfectly simple route. It is on wide roads or trails the whole time. On the cycle path you have to be careful of passing cyclists. It is not recommended to get off the wooden footbridge at the ponds. The surrounding scrub is home to, among others, vipers.


The restaurant is at the car park at the start/end of the route. Another small refreshment was at the bike path.


Lake Zelenci is famous for its clear water, which has a constant temperature of around 6 degrees. It never freezes even in winter. The lakes are also interesting for their small underwater volcanoes. The national reserve is rich in fauna and flora. At the same time, the Sava Dolinka river rises here.

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