Trip to the waterfalls of the Rybnica River

Mountain range, region / State

Julské Alpy‎ / Slovenia



07. 07. 2023


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↑ 125 m

↓ 125 m


3.0 km

2 hours


max. 674 m n.m.

min. 590 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 125 m
Dismal metres: 125 m

Useful information

A trip to the two waterfalls of the Rybnica River in the Julian Alps

Starting point

We had accommodation right in the village of Srednja Vas in Bohinj, so we parked at the house. Otherwise it is possible to leave the car in a small parking lot almost at the entrance to the river valley.

Description of the hike

Since we had accommodation directly in the village of Stradnja Vas in Bohinj, it was clear that we would not miss the trip to the Rybnica River Valley. While this is not the best scenic trip in Slovenia, it had one huge advantage over other trips. We were here alone, no crowds like elsewhere. And the waterfalls are definitely worth a visit.

We left the village on the asphalt road, which ended after the last houses. We continued along the path that followed the riverbed. The trail climbs slightly, but it's not difficult. We were still walking in the woods, so there was nice shade. Most of the walking was on a comfortable forest trail. However, there is a rocky section to negotiate in one forest passage. This part of the trail is also the nicest. To get to the first waterfall, you have to descend gently to the river. Below the waterfall there is a nice place to rest, there is also deep water, so it is possible to refresh yourself in the cold river. After resting we continued to the second waterfall. This one is about 300 meters from the first one. Here we took a longer rest and refreshed ourselves in the pool below the waterfall. Then we returned back to the village along the same path.


A simple and short hike along forest trails. Sometimes it is necessary to jump on stones, but nothing technically demanding. It is not a marked route, but the trail is clear and there is no problem with orientation. Also, the elevation gain is small, so the trail is ideal for small children.

Water availability

The route goes around the river, but we preferred to drink from our own supplies. The route is short, 1 liter per person was enough for us.

Sleeping options

We had an apartment right in the village of Strednja Vas in Bohinj. There are lots of accommodation options in all the villages in the area.

Mountain peaks

The route runs through the valley of the Rybnica River, it does not lead over any peaks. It does not offer any views of the surroundings.


The whole time you walk along the forest trail. There is no problem. Even at the waterfalls everything is safe, it is possible to take a bath under them.


There is no hut or refreshments on the trail, it is necessary to have some snacks with you.

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