Spring trip to the lookout tower Babí lom

Mountain range, region / State

/ Czech Republic



14. 04. 2024


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↑ 158 m

↓ 256 m


5.7 km

3 hours


max. 545 m n.m.

min. 331 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 158 m
Dismal metres: 256 m

Useful information

  1. Overcrowding - large
  2. The lookout tower is free of charge all year round

Useful information

  1. Overcrowding - large
  2. The lookout tower is free of charge all year round

Family trip to the lookout tower Babí lom near Brno

Starting point

The bus terminates in the village of Vranov. There is a tourist sign right next to the bus stop.

Description of the hike

We took advantage of the crazy April summer weather and decided to visit the Babí lom lookout tower again. It was clear that this idea would get a lot of people, so we were definitely not alone on the trip. We arrived to Vranov from Brno by bus.

There is a red tourist sign leading from the bus stop, which took us out of the village. There is a self-service pub at the end of it, but it was literally packed with people, so we pushed our refreshments further away. From Vranov we walked along a wide path that was lined with flowering trees and bushes. Soon we entered the forest and along the wide path we reached the forest bistro U Jelínka. Here we took a short break for refreshments. We continued along the asphalt road to the Lelkovadlo rest area. From there we started a steep climb through the forest to the ridge of Babí quarry. After a successful ascent to the saddle we turned left towards the lookout tower. The next part of the trail is mainly a paradise for children. It goes between the rocks, it is still necessary to overcome some stones or small rocks. This type of path is up to the Babí lom lookout tower. From its gallery there is a beautiful view of part of the Moravian Karst, the Highlands and the surroundings of Brno.

For the descent we chose first the yellow hiking trail. From the lookout tower we started descending rapidly among the crowds of people. Almost all the tourists continued on the red trail to Lelekovice, so suddenly we were alone in the forest. We continued our descent on the yellow trail, but soon we joined the blue trail. We descended along it to the village of Podlesí. At the edge of the village we left the hiking trail and went to the U Anděla pub, which is on the edge of Podlesí. Here we replenished our fluids and rested. Then we just walked through the village of Podlesí to the bus stop on the R43 road. From there we took the bus back to Brno.


As far as the terrain is concerned, this is a very varied trip. Most of it is on a wide forest road or forest asphalt. However, the ridge to the lookout tower is on rocky terrain all the time. You walk along a narrow path, often on rocks. In a few places you have to use your hands. The steepest climb is just up the ridge. The hike is very popular with families with children, who enjoy the rocks. The trail is ideal for dogs as well, a stroller will definitely not pass it.

Water availability

Self-catering and pub is at the end of the village of Vranov. A pleasant refreshment is the Forest Bistro U Jelínka on the road to Babí lom. Another pub is by the forest in the village of Podlesí at the end of the trip. We had only about 0,5 liters of liquids per person.

Mountain peaks

From the lookout tower Babí lom you have a beautiful view of the Moravian Karst, the surroundings of Brno, part of the Highlands and supposedly in good visibility you can even see the nearest Alps.


Forest roads are without problems. The ridge to the lookout tower is slightly difficult. You have to walk between the rocks, sometimes it is good to hold on with your hands, but it is not such a big problem. In wet weather the rocks can be slippery.


There are pubs both in Vranov and Podlesí. There is a Forest Bistro U Jelínka on the route, where you can also have a light meal.

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