Cool trip to the Klucanina lookout tower

Mountain range, region / State

/ Czech Republic



08. 01. 2022


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↑ 186 m

↓ 187 m


5.1 km

2 hours


max. 415 m n.m.

min. 252 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 186 m
Dismal metres: 187 m

Useful information

Trip to the Klucanina lookout tower near Tišnov

Starting point

Train station in the village of Hradčany. The railway connects Brno and Tišnov.

Description of the hike

The station in Hradčany is just a concrete platform and so we didn't stay there and immediately set off towards the forest. From the station there is a blue trail that leads through the village of Hradčany. After the village we entered the forest on a wide forest path. It is still slightly uphill. Soon we came to the turn-off to the Tišnov gallows and soon we were standing on the place where they used to execute people. The place is very nice, the convicts had a nice view of the countryside before they started swinging:-)

After the tour we returned and continued our climb up Klucanina hill. It is still on a wide forest path, so we were soon at the highest point of the path - Klucanina Hill. However, our destination - the lookout tower - was on a lower peak. So we descended into the saddle and climbed slightly up to the lookout tower. The tower is really massive and from its gallery you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings of Tišnov and the beginning of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

As a snowstorm was approaching, we did not stay long and continued towards Tišnov. We returned to the saddle and followed the blue trail to the first houses in town. Then we walked through Tišnov, had an honest lunch in a pub and then ended our trip at the station in Tišnov, from where we took the train home.


A comfortable short trip, ideal for families with children. The whole time you walk along wide forest paths. Of course, it is necessary to climb up to the lookout tower, but the elevation is not great. With a little experience, even a stroller can make the route.

Water availability

There is no well or spring on the route. It is possible to replenish liquids in pubs in Tišnov. 1 litre per person is enough.

Mountain peaks

The highest point on the route is Klucanina hill 415 m above sea level, the lookout tower is built on a lower peak.


A perfectly simple route. The whole time you walk along wide forest paths. So about the only danger is the state road in the village of Hradčany, through which a tourist sign leads.


There are several restaurants in Tišnov. It's good to take a candy bar or other snack, but the route is short and it's not necessary.


The Tišnov gallows, located just above the village of Hradčany, was rediscovered in 2014 by a research team from Masaryk University Brno. It had the plan of a square and was built of Drásov sandstone. The height of the gallows was up to 6 metres and convicts could be left on it for up to 2 years before their bodies succumbed to the elements and disintegrated. Executions were carried out in Tišnov from around the middle of the 14th century. However, executioners commuted from Brno. In addition to the gallows, there was also a pillory and a execution block in Tišnov. The execution of capital punishment was abolished in Tišnov only in 1754.

The Klucanina lookout tower was built in 2003. It is a reinforced concrete construction. The height of the lookout tower is about 29 metres and it offers three viewing platforms. It stands on the site of the original wooden lookout tower, which was built in the 1940s. The lookout tower is freely accessible all year round.

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