Trek from the Valečov Castle to the Příhrazské Rocks in the Bohemian Paradise

Mountain range, region / State

/ Czech Republic



22. 04. 2023


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↑ 697 m

↓ 697 m


14.8 km

6 hours


max. 407 m n.m.

min. 260 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 697 m
Dismal metres: 697 m

Useful information

Circular trek in the Bohemian Paradise through the Příhraz Rocks

Starting point

Parking under the Valečov Castle. The price for parking is 50 CZK per day for a private car.

Description of the hike

We left the parking lot early in the morning, so Valečov Castle was still closed. We saved the tour for the return trip. On the other hand, we enjoyed the Valečov rock world, where we were all alone. We continued on the green trail from the lighthouses, but we left it at Zápudov and walked through the settlement. We joined the blue trail, which led us to the sacrificial stone. We continued along a wide path until we reached the yellow marker. Following the yellow marker we crossed Hrázka Gorge and climbed steeply out of it to the Hrázka crossroads. We continued along the yellow marker. By then the views of the Příhrazské Rocks had already begun to open up. Then we started to descend steeply to Příhraz. The path is supplemented with steps in places. We were lucky enough that the Příhrazské stairs race was just taking place here, so it was quite busy. Eventually we wove our way through the runners and had lunch in the pub.

Then we continued along the red marker. It leads up the steps steeply into the rocks. The trail continues along the rock ridge, with steel steps installed in places to make the ascent easier. The trail continues along the rocks, in places opening up views towards Ještěd. Finally we reached the restaurant Na krásné vyhlídce. Here it was like Wenceslas Square. Crowds of people everywhere. So we quickly continued on. Even the road to Drábské světničky was full of people. Even so, we enjoyed the beautiful views from the rock blocks. We passed by the Drábské světničky (closed for renovation) and continued on the red marker. This leads through the forest and eventually led us back to the Valečov rock villages and Valečov Castle. We enjoyed a tour of the castle and then returned to the car park.


The route of the hike is moderately long, not a problem for an adult, but children can get tired. Otherwise, the route is mostly along forest trails or roads. The path along the Příhraz rocks is slightly exposed in places. There are steel steps and railings to make walking easier. The route is also suitable for dogs, they will just have slight problems on the stairs. Trained children can manage it without problems.

Water availability

There are several opportunities to refill fluids along the route. For example, the U Hrdinky well at the beginning of the trip, then there are the V Příhrazích and Na krásné vyhlídce restaurants. Therefore, 1 litre per person is enough.

Sleeping options

The Bohemian Paradise is full of possibilities for overnight stays. We used accommodation in nearby Svijany, which had the advantage of visiting the local brewery.

Mountain peaks

The route does not lead over any peaks, but nice views are offered mainly by the Příhrazské rocks to the north towards Ještěd.


The only more exposed place is the crossing of the Příhraz rocks, where the trail is narrow and leads in rocky terrain. In places there are railings and steel steps. It is necessary to be careful on the edge of the rock blocks. There are no handrails and young children in particular need to be supervised.


On the route there are pubs Na krásné vyhlídce and Pub in Příhrazie. We used the latter, where there were significantly fewer people.


The route begins and ends at the ruins of Valečov Castle. This castle was built at the beginning of the 14th century by the Valečov family from Valečov. Originally it was a wooden castle. Valečov is partly carved into sandstone rocks. The castle has been listed as deserted since 1652, but until the end of the 19th century it was used as a dwelling by the poor. The ruins are currently listed as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. Entrance to the castle is charged, but without a guide. More information on its official website.

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