Trip to the rock mazes Chléviště and Kalich in the Bohemian Paradise

Mountain range, region / State

/ Czech Republic



16. 04. 2023


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↑ 376 m

↓ 376 m


5.3 km

3 hours


max. 560 m n.m.

min. 272 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 376 m
Dismal metres: 376 m

Useful information

Trip from Malá Skála to the rock mazes Chléviště and Kalich

Starting point

Parking lot at the sokolovna in the village of Malá Skála. Parking is free of charge.

Description of the hike

From the car park at the sokolovna it is only a short walk to the red tourist marker. We started to climb from the village of Malá Skála. The trail leads first through a meadow and offers a nice view of the surroundings of Malá Skála. Then we entered the forest. The ascent is a bit steeper in places and therefore there are steps built in places. Eventually we came to the turn-off to the first rock maze - Chléviště. This is where we connected to the yellow marker, which took us through the circuit of mazes.

The barn offers not only attractive narrow passages between the rock blocks, but also views of the landscape. After passing through the maze we continued through the forest to the second part - the rock maze Kalich. Following the blue trail, we also passed through this beautiful rocky area. We continued on to the Sokol hill. The yellow trail leads to it again. The ascent is a bit steeper, but nothing terrible. From the rock lookout on the top you can see the Dry Rocks. Then the descent has already begun. Again on the yellow trail past beautiful rock blocks we descended to the red marker. After that we returned to the village of Malá Skála.


A pleasant trip to the fascinating world of rock mazes. From the village of Malá Skála, it is necessary to climb several tens of metres up to the rocks, so less trained people will get a bit tired. In places there are steps built in the hill to facilitate the ascent. Going through the maze is rather fun, especially for children. This makes the route ideal for families or even dogs.

Water availability

There is no spring directly on the trail, but there is a spring called Pod Sokolem a short distance from the red marker when ascending or descending. For us 1 liter of water per person was enough.

Sleeping options

The Bohemian Paradise region offers a large number of accommodation capacities. We stayed in an apartment in the village of Svijany. A short walk from the brewery, which had its advantages...

Mountain peaks

The route leads over the Sokol hill 562 m above sea level, which offers views from the rock block. However, there are several other nice views of the surroundings on the route.


Most of the route is perfectly safe. You have to be careful when going through the rock mazes. It is often wet and the rocks can slip. There are handrails at the various viewpoints, but still beware of small children. They are fast and they are everywhere.


There are no refreshments on the route. The route is short, just a small snack.

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