Trip to Velika Planina in Slovenia

Mountain range, region / State

/ Slovenia



03. 07. 2023


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↑ 454 m

↓ 454 m


7.3 km

4 hours


max. 1585 m n.m.

min. 1189 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 454 m
Dismal metres: 454 m

Useful information

A trip to see cows and shepherds on Velika Planina in Slovenia

Starting point

Paid parking southeast of Velika Planina. The road leads here from the Volovljek saddle. Parking costs 10 Euro per day.

Description of the hike

We got to the parking lot under Velika Planina quite early, so there was no problem with space. Otherwise the parking lot is literally packed with cars. We set off along the road towards the mountains. Soon we crossed the forest trail and after entering the forest we started to climb steeply. This part of the trip is the most physically demanding. After leaving the forest, the climb continued for a while, but soon we were among the first shepherds. We continued along the wide path until we reached the Little Plateau. Here there are more shepherds, as well as grazing cows. We wove our way through the cattle and had a snack at the Jarški dom hut on Mali planina.

Then we continued along the trail to another cottage - Domžalski dom on Mali planini. Behind it we joined a wide road and reached the shepherds' huts of Velika Planina. There were already a lot of people here, as there is a cable car leading from the other side of the plateau. After a rest and a look at the shepherds and cows, we headed back. We followed a narrow path on the edge of the plateau. We came straight back to the Little Plateau. Then we descended the same way the climb led back to the car in the parking lot.


A very simple and pleasant trip to the unusual landscape of shepherds' huts. The whole time you walk along wide roads or forest paths. The most challenging is the forest ascent from the parking lot. It is slightly steep in places. But it is not long and soon you are on the plateau. There's no problem here. An ideal hike for children who will be thrilled by the ubiquitous cows.

Water availability

There are several huts with a pub on the route. We took a rest on Mala Planina, but there are others scattered almost everywhere. That's why you only need 1 liter of liquids per person.

Sleeping options

There are many shepherds' huts in the pastures where you can stay. Some shepherd's huts are very luxuriously furnished.

Mountain peaks

The highest point of Velika Planina is 1 668 m above sea level.The views from the plateau are breathtaking, especially on the mountain peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.


This is a relaxing trek, ideal for families with children. Perhaps it's a good idea to watch out for the cows, which can be quite cheeky at times. Otherwise, it is on wide paths all the way, with only a classic trail in the forest.


There are several huts on the plain where you can refresh yourself. Even so, we had some snacks with us.


Veliká Planina has served as a pasture for cattle since the 15th century, when people from Kamnik and its surroundings brought cows here. This saved the land in the valley. The cows were always moved back to the valley for the winter. During the Second World War, many shepherds' huts were burnt down by German soldiers. After the war, however, the shepherd's huts were rebuilt. In total, there are 202 shepherd's huts on Velika Planina. The construction of more is forbidden.

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