Winter trip from Modrava to Březník

Mountain range, region / State

Šumava / Czech Republic



27. 01. 2024


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↑ 166 m

↓ 166 m


14.9 km

5 hours


max. 1144 m n.m.

min. 982 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 166 m
Dismal metres: 166 m

Useful information

Winter trip to Březník in Šumava

Starting point

The village of Modrava in Šumava. Public parking is available here for a fee. We were staying here, so we did not worry about parking. There is also a bus from Sušice.

Description of the hike

Normally, the route from Modrava to Březník is a very popular route in winter for cross-country skiers and in summer for cyclists. However, a little snow decided that we made a hiking trip.

From Modrava we followed the blue trail. It runs all the way along the Modrava stream. The first part of the route was on asphalt. After all, there were still cross-country skiers riding around us in the broken trail. It's a nice trail, basically flat, or climbing a bit. At the Modravský potok fork there was more snow and the asphalt disappeared below it. So we continued on the hard snow. The path started to climb more, but it was nothing difficult. We continued along the stream until gradually the forest began to thin out and we found ourselves on the plains of the former settlement of Březník.

The view of the Luzny mountain and the Luzen valley is simply beautiful. Since the refreshment place was closed, we stayed by the benches and information signs. We enjoyed a beautiful winter day. After a rest we headed back. In the end, we took the same route as we did to Březník.


A very easy route, even in winter conditions. The path to Březník still climbs very gently, there is no steep section. The road to Březník is actually an asphalt road, of course under snow in winter. However, there was little snow during our trip, so we really walked on asphalt up to the Modravský potok signpost. The trail is ideal for families, and in summer it can be done with a stroller.

Water availability

In the summer season, there is a refreshment service at the Březník Farm. We had with us about 1.5 liters per person of liquids.

Sleeping options

The village of Modrava offers many accommodation options. However, it is a very popular resort and so it is necessary to book accommodation in advance.

Mountain peaks

The trail does not go over any peak. From Březník you can see the famous view of Luzný Mountain.


The route is perfectly safe. It is a wide path. In winter it is popular for cross-country skiers, so watch out for their routes. Don't step in them. In the summer, it's crowded with cyclists. Which is about the only danger...


In the summer season there is a refreshment centre on Březník. There are several pubs in Modrava. We enjoyed the Zlatá Stezka pub.


Březník is a former solitude, which belongs to the most beautiful places in Šumava and lies at an altitude of 1,132 m above sea level. There is a beautiful view of the Luzný Mountain and the Luzen Valley. From the Czech side, however, Mount Luzný is inaccessible due to nature protection. The Blue Column border crossing is thus closed. Březník is also said to be the rainiest place in the Czech Republic. The writer Karel Klostermann set the plot of his novel From the World of Forest Solitudes in this place.

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