A short trip to the ruins of Vítkův kámen in Šumava

Mountain range, region / State

Šumava / Czech Republic



21. 05. 2023


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↑ 202 m

↓ 202 m


6.2 km

3 hours


max. 1035 m n.m.

min. 842 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 202 m
Dismal metres: 202 m

Useful information

Trip to the highest castle in the Czech Republic - Vítkův kámen

Starting point

The mouth of the dirt road leading from Frýdava to Pasečná.

Description of the hike

After a successful event in the Alps, we decided to take a short trip to Šumava on our return. The goal was the ruins of the castle Vítkův kámen, which offers a beautiful view. We left the car at the mouth of a dirt road, a short distance from the yellow tourist sign. We set off along the meadow towards the castle. Soon we joined the yellow trail and followed the wide path. The incline is minimal and the meadows offered beautiful views of the Šumava countryside. The path continued alternately through the forest and across meadows. Eventually we reached the village of Svatý Tomáš, where there were already some tourists. Around the parking lot we continued on a slight incline to the castle.

Fortunately there were not many tourists and we could enjoy nice views of the countryside. We could see not only the southern part of Šumava and Lipno, but also the sharp peaks of Totes Gebirge in the south. On the way back we stopped for soup and coffee at the Hájovna Svatý Tomáš. Then we took the same route back to the car.


A very easy hike that goes all the way along wide roads, forest and dirt. The elevation gain is minimal, so the route is suitable for children and, of course, for dogs. A stroller would have a problem going through the meadow in the grass.

Water availability

The restaurant is in the village of Svatý Tomáš under the ruins of the castle. In the season there is also a refreshment under the castle in the parking lot, but it was closed during our visit.

Mountain peaks

The ruin of Vítkův kámen is located on the mountain of the same name, 1 035 m above sea level.


This is a simple trip. The whole time you walk on wide roads. There is no problem.


Restaurants and refreshments are in the village of Svatý Tomáš under the ruins of Vítkův kámen.


Vítkův kámen Castle, situated at an altitude of 1 035 m above sea level, is the highest castle in the Czech Republic. It was founded in the early 14th century by the Lords of Rožmberk. The castle served as a fortress, among other things protecting the salt trail. The castle briefly imprisoned the Czech king Václav IV. Gradually the castle lost its function and began to decay. By the middle of the 18th century it was completely abandoned. The maintenance of the remains of the castle began relatively early, already at the end of the 19th century. Today, the remains of the main tower and the walls and masonry of the buildings have been preserved. During the Cold War the castle was taken over by the army and used as an air defence observation post. The ruins were reopened to tourists only in 2005.

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