A trip to the northernmost point of Austria near Nová Bystřice

Mountain range, region / State

Bohemian-Moravian Highlands / Czech Republic



11. 03. 2023


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↑ 107 m

↓ 107 m


8.3 km

3 hours


max. 541 m n.m.

min. 480 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 107 m
Dismal metres: 107 m

Useful information

A trip to Austria's northernmost point

Starting point

Nový Vojířov, a village near Nová Bystřice. Parking on the side of the road at the village square near the church.

Description of the hike

In autumn I made a trip to the southernmost point of the Czech Republic (described by Natreku). When I mentioned it at home, my son asked me where the northernmost point of Austria actually was. So the idea for the next trip was born. The northernmost point of Austria can be found near Nová Bystřice, with other attractions that make it worth the trip - the well-preserved bunkers, the Peršlák Forest Hotel, the Bridge of Love and the Devil's Hand imprinted in stone.

We leave the car in the village of Nový Vojířov near Nová Bystřice. There is no official parking lot, but you can park along the road in the village square near the church. We go around the Návesní pond out of the village towards the old sandpit. The sandpit has been newly converted into a cascade of ponds and it would be tempting to sit amongst the mature oak trees, but unfortunately it is privately owned and entry is forbidden. So we continue on through the meadows to the white chapel on the edge of the wood. It houses an old painted wooden statue, perhaps 2 metres high, with golden stars shining on the blue ceiling. The sad thing is that the chapel is painted with the names of the stupid, they didn't even paint over them the last time they painted it, perhaps to discourage others. Behind the chapel is a semi-grown-up dugout, unfortunately with a locked door, which is a bit disappointing for minors who were looking forward to exploring the bunkers.

The path continues through the woods. Over a short waterlogged patch we come across laid logs and branches. A short distance from the path we discover three more bunkers. This is where the boys get busy - the bunkers have been hit or blown up - bent iron rods stick out of the concrete, but it is possible to get into them and walk through narrow passages. We return to the forest path and continue on. After about 500m at a junction we come across a stone with the Devil's handprint on it, and it takes us a while to work out what makes it special - the eyes see what the brain wants to see.

We are going back to the Novomlýnský pond. A short detour on the green road will take us to our destination - the northernmost point of Austria, situated at the confluence of two border streams. We stop on the pond embankment and rest for a while in the sun. We sit where the village of Nové Mlýny stood until the 1950s. The village's six hundred year history ended in May 1945 when the last inhabitants were displaced. All that remains of the village are the ruins under the pond dam. However, the surrounding area is perfectly landscaped, the opposite land belongs to the forest hotel Peršlák, owned by the Hauser family. The owners are trying to restore the traditions that the last century has erased. An example is the 300 m long Bridge of Love, which led across the border stream to the Rottal, popularly known as the Valley of Love. In the Austrian valley there was said to be an inn run by 'attraktiven Wirtinnen mit grossem Herz'. This translates beautifully into English as an innkeeper and her daughter who were very "friendly" to their guests. Guests were said to be happy to stay late into the night. From Peršlák - the forest hotel, the former barracks of the border guards and, thankfully, the forest hotel again, we return along the asphalt road back to Vojířov. The avenue of old maple trees leads us to the first houses.


Easy hike with kids, mostly on forest paths. The elevation is minimal and the route is not too long.

Water availability

We went out of season, we had refreshments with us.

Sleeping options

In Nový Vojířov there are several guesthouses, forest hotel Peršlák, Nová Bystřice.

Mountain peaks

The route leads mostly in the forest, there are not many views of the countryside, but plenty of interesting places.



The route is suitable for parents with children, there is no danger.


We went out of season, we had food with us.


Nová Bystřice - square and veterans museum - beautiful old America, which will delight both small and big boys (opening hours but May - October).

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