Attempt to climb Dachstein from Hallstatt Lake

Mountain range, region / State

Dachstein / Austria



06. 07. - 07. 07. 2004


3 / 5


↑ 2636 m

↓ 461 m


16.9 km

2 days


max. 2720 m n.m.

min. 502 m n.m.

Tourist map of Dachstein in Alps

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 2636 m
Dismal metres: 461 m

Useful information

  1. Suitable for children - NO
  2. Suitable for dogs - NO
  3. Overcrowding - small on the way, bigger at the top of Dachtein

An attempt to climb Dachstein via the Simony Hütte

Starting point

The trek starts in the town of Hallstatt, situated on the shores of Lake Hallsätter See. The B145 road from Bad Ischl leads to the town.

Description of the hike

1. day

We chose one of the most physically demanding routes to climb the Dachstein mountain, especially in terms of the overall elevation. We left the car at the parking lot in the town of Hallstatt. From there we started to climb up the marked path through the forest around the Wildbach stream. 

Stream shows off breathtaking waterfalls in several places (photo). The road here is wide and so it was easy to walk. After some time we left this wide forest path and continued our ascent along the trail. We left the forest and continued on the open terrain to the Wisberghaus hut. (photo)

Here we rested for a while and continued on. The trail already leads in rocky terrain (photo) and new views of the surrounding mountains keep opening up. Finally we reached the Simona Hütte. Here we had dinner and finally decided to pitch our tent a little below the hut. In the evening we took a short walk to the end of the Hallstäter Glatscher glacier and to the chapel above the hut. (photo)

2. day

In the morning we woke up unfortunately to almost cloudy skies. We decided to try to climb to the top in this weather. It was only a short walk from the hut to the start of the glacier. (photo) Here we joined the already beaten path and started to climb the glacier. It's an easy and relatively safe route as there should be no crevasses in this part. Eventually we reached the start of an easy rock climb under the rocks. Unfortunately the visibility was almost zero.

Moreover, rocks were falling on us from the climbers above us. For this reason we decided to end the climb here. (photo) We therefore returned back along the glacier to the tent by the hut. After a short rest we packed our things and headed back to Hallstatt. We had a few beers at the Wiesberghaus hut and then it was a definite return to Hallstatt along the path that led us up into the mountains yesterday.


Physically demanding climb, the elevation gain from Hallstatt is really big. The Simona Hütte is reached by forest paths and mountain trails. From the hut, however, you continue along the glacier. Therefore, complete equipment for the glacier is necessary.

There is a sheltered path to the top of the Dachstein, so klettersteig equipment is also useful. The Klettersteig is not difficult, but it may not be worth the risk without belay equipment. The climb is not possible with a dog.

Water availability

Liquids can be replenished at the huts on the route - Simony Hütte and Wiesberghaus. At the bottom of the climb in the forest you can get water from the spring.

Sleeping options

You can spend the night at the huts along the way - Wiesberghaus and Simony Hütte. Especially the latter is ideal for the climb as it is located just a short distance from the glacier.

Mountain peaks

We did not reach our destination - Hoher Dachstein. Therefore, we did not climb any peaks during our trip. Even so, the views of the surrounding mountains, especially the Totes Gebirge, were amazing.


The ascent to the top of the Dachstein has two dangerous sections. The path on the Hallstätter Glacier and the further advance in the rocky terrain to the summit. On the glacier you have to be careful of glacial crevasses.

However, especially in high season there is a beaten path and therefore less danger. Another problem is the approach to the rock from the glacier. Rocks were falling on us from the climbers above us. We can't evaluate the rock ascent itself, as we didn't take it.


The ascent of Dachstein is also demanding in terms of equipment. It is necessary to have not only classic mountain equipment - sturdy boots, functional underwear, waterproof jacket, etc. Glacier equipment is also essential - a harness, carabiner and rope. You also need equipment for protected paths, as the final section is led in the rock.


Refreshments are available at the Wiesberghaus and Simony Hütte.

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