Hike to the Pekarna and Batyrka caves in the Moravian Karst

Mountain range, region / State

/ Czech Republic



19. 08. 2022


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↑ 128 m

↓ 128 m


4.0 km

2 hours


max. 370 m n.m.

min. 321 m n.m.

Tourist map of the Moravian Karst in Czechia

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 128 m
Dismal metres: 128 m

Useful information

  1. Suitable for children - YES
  2. Suitable for dogs - YES
  3. Overcrowding - medium
  4. A flashlight is required for the Bat Cave

A short family trip to the caves in the Moravian Karst

Starting point

A small parking lot at the municipal office in the village of Ochoz u Brna. A marked path leads directly past the parking lot.

Description of the hike

From the village of Ochoz u Brna we set off along the blue trail, which first leads through meadows. Soon, however, we entered the forest along the Ochozský brook and began to descend slightly into the valley of the River Říčka. It's an easy path, with several bridges over small streams along the way.

After reaching the valley with the River, we continued on along the blue trail to the Bakery Cave. This time the path goes up a steep hill, modified with a few steps to make the ascent easier. Pekárna Cave is huge, but not deep. After a thorough exploration, we returned to the valley of the river.

Since the children were very enthusiastic about the cave, we decided to continue to another freely accessible cave - Batýrka. We reached it along an unmarked forest path that followed the course of the river. The Bat Cave is the opposite of Pekárna. The entrance is narrower and the length of the passages should be up to 90 meters.

Since we didn't have a torch, we only penetrated about 10 metres into the cave. From the Bat we continued along an unmarked trail to another cave - the Swedish Table. The trail led first steeply uphill, then we descended slightly to the entrance of the cave Swedish Table. This is a short but passable cave. The entrance is narrow, but the mouth of the cave is wide. After exploring this cave, we returned to the blue trail and followed it back to Ochoz u Brna.


A very simple trip ideal for families with children. The route leads along forest trails. The elevation is minimal, only to the Pekárna cave it is steeply uphill and the ascent is facilitated by stairs. Between the caves of Netopyrka and Swedish Table, there is a narrow trail. It is slightly more difficult to climb up from the Bat Cave, but even small children could manage this slightly rocky section without any problems. The route is also suitable for dog walkers.

Water availability

There are no refreshments on the route. The pubs are in the village of Ochoz u Brna.

Mountain peaks

The route does not go over any peak. On the contrary, it leads to the depths of the earth:-)


The forest paths are wide and absolutely safe. The Pekárna cave is also cool, it is wide and not deep. On the other hand, you need a torch for the Bat Cave. The rock in the cave is wet and quite slippery. Cave Swedish Table is passable and small. However, it is necessary to be careful with children so that they do not run along the top edge of the cave. There are no railings.


There is no pub on the route, so it is good to have some snacks. The pub is in the village of Ochoz near Brno.


The Netopyrka cave is not on the official path, but the administration of the Moravian Karst tolerates the entrance to the cave. The cave is freely accessible at your own risk. The length of the passages in the cave is about 90 metres. At the bottom of the cave there is a plunging stream that you can walk to. A torch is required to enter the cave!

Švédský stůl cave is only about 30 metres long. It was named after the Swedish soldiers who were supposed to camp here during the Thirty Years' War. It is a very important archaeological site. The findings prove the presence of Neanderthal man. The cave also served as a den for the cave hyena or bear, which lived here in the Quaternary period.

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