Autumn trip to Macocha abyss and Punkva Cave

Mountain range, region / State

/ Czech Republic



14. 10. 2023


1 / 5


↑ 139 m

↓ 271 m


7.2 km

3 hours


max. 501 m n.m.

min. 330 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 139 m
Dismal metres: 271 m

Useful information

Trip to the Punkva Cave and the Macocha abyss in the Moravian Karst

Starting point

The village of Ostrov u Macochy, which can be reached by bus from Blansko.

Description of the hike

We crossed the island near Macocha on the red trail, but after the village we joined the green trail. The path along the dirt road went quickly, it is also the only part of the route where there are views of the region. After entering the forest, we continued along a wide stony path to the Občiny crossroads. We continued along the narrow trail to a large parking lot at the Macocha Gorge. From there it is a short walk to the upper viewpoint to Macocha. As it was lunchtime, we took advantage of the Macocha hut and had a quick lunch.

In the information we also bought an entrance to the Punkva Cave. Then we descended the stairs to the lower viewpoint into the abyss. We went back and started descending down the wide path into the valley to the Punk Cave. The descent is very steep especially at the end and the path is more rocky. In the valley we followed the asphalt road to the entrance of the Punkva Cave. We took a tour of the caves, including a cruise through the underground river, which is an unforgettable experience. The visit to the caves took about 1 hour. After that we went further down the valley and along the asphalt road we reached the Skalní mlýn (Rock Mill), where a ride was waiting for us.


A relaxing trip that is ideal for families with children. The whole time you walk along marked paths. There is almost no climbing on the route, so the route can be done by everyone. Only the descent from the Macocha abyss to the Punkva valley is more difficult. The route can be traversed by a pram, only when descending into the Punkva valley the path is more rocky. The route is also ideal for dogs, but of course they cannot enter the Punkva Cave.

Water availability

Refreshments and a hut are at the viewpoint to the Macocha abyss. There is another refreshment at the entrance to the Punkva Cave and there is also a restaurant in the Rock Mill at the end of the route.

Mountain peaks

The trail goes mostly through the valley, there is no peak along the way. The views are only at the beginning of the trip on the way from Ostrov u Macochy.


This is a simple trip. The roads are safe. There is a train with tourists in the Punkva valley, so it is necessary to avoid it. The edges of the abyss are well secured with railings. The steep descent into the Punkva valley is also secured by wooden railings. There is no danger.


There are several restaurants along the route. The first one is in the village of Ostrov u Macocha, another one is near the Macocha abyss. There is another refreshment at the entrance to the Punkva Cave and there is also a restaurant at the end of the trip in Skalní mlýn.


The route of the trip starts in the village of Ostrov u Macochy. On arrival to the village from Blansko there is another well-known cave - Balcarka, which is open to tourists with a guide.

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