Hike to the three lakes in the Schladming Tauern

Mountain range, region / State

Schladming Tauern / Austria



10. 08. 2021


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↑ 641 m

↓ 641 m


7.7 km

6 hours


max. 1685 m n.m.

min. 1142 m n.m.

Elevation profile of the route

Meters climbed: 641 m
Dismal metres: 641 m

Useful information

Hike across three lakes below the Hochwildstelle

Starting point

Parking at the Seewigtalstüberl hut at the end of the toll road leading from Aich. The toll costs 2,5 Euros per person.

Description of the hike

A comfortable wide path leads from the car park to the first lake. Moreover, it is basically a straight line. Thus, there were quite a lot of tourists, but they mostly stayed at the first lake. There is also a large restaurant with animals that can be fed for a fee. However, we continued on along Lake Bodensee. We still walked along the wide path. However, after the lake it turned into a classic trail. And here is also the most challenging part of the route. The ascent to the second lake.

It goes up very steeply in serpentines, there are also stairs and railings to facilitate the ascent. However, the ascent is made more interesting by a massive waterfall, so it went very well. At the second lake we had a short rest at the Hans Wödl Hütte, where I also had a light refreshment. Then we continued along the lake to the next climb, which is not as steep as the first one, and pretty soon we were at Lake Obersee. This is already located in the mountain basin below the Schladming Taur ridge. From the lake it is also possible to climb the Hochwildstelle. However, this route was enough for us. And thanks to the improving weather, we also enjoyed the view of the Grimming rock fortress. After a rest, we returned to the car park by the same route.


Mostly simple hiking on wide paths. The only more challenging sections are the climbs between the lakes. Especially the climb between lakes Bodensee and Hüttensee is very steep and in one part there are wooden steps and railings to make the climb easier. Otherwise it is a more simple alpine trek. Even children can manage the route.

Water availability

There are several streams on the route, but we didn't drink any water. We refreshed ourselves at the Hans Wödl Hütte by the Hüttensee lake.

Sleeping options

Overnight stays are possible at the huts along the way Hans Wödl Hütte and Forellenhof. We had private accommodation down by Schladming.

Mountain peaks

The route does not lead over any peak. However, the route offers views of the Schladming Taurus Ridge or the rock giant Grimming.


The route is overall very easy and safe. The only challenging places are the climbs to the second and a little bit to the third lake. Especially the climb to the Hüttensee lake is very steep. However, there is also a handrail for extra safety.


Meals are served in the huts along the way Forellenhof, Hans Wödl Hütte and Seewigtalstüberl. We refreshed ourselves at the latter hut and had some of our own meals

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